When the job market slows down for Christmas

When the job market slows down for Christmas

It’s December, and for many recruiters the holiday season slows down their hiring process. 

Recruiters have just returned from Thanksgiving break and they are spending their days like most professionals; catching up on emails and other priorities before year-end. Combined with a feeling that they cannot train new hires until New Year, you have a perfect formula to dry up recruitment.

As a jobseeker, applying in December can be incredibly frustrating. However, that does not mean you cannot find opportunities or even use the season productively.

Here are three ways to make the most of your job search during the holiday season.

Just because applications aren’t being reviewed, doesn’t mean you can’t prepare them.

Without the pressure of pending interviews, you have time to produce high quality applications. You can browse jobs and prepare thoroughly researched resumes and cover letters that articulate why you aspire to work for the organization.

The pressure of a tight deadline can prevent applicants from taking the necessary time to proofread their work -- do not fall into this trap. Over the Christmas period, ask your friends to read your applications for quality control. Come January, you will have exceptional applications ready to go.   

Christmas is the period of holiday parties; get off your laptop and meet recruiters in person.

You can do some of your best networking at Christmas. As the holiday parties begin, monitor social media events, newsletters, and organization events pages carefully to find opportunities for great networking. Everyone is in a good mood during their holiday party, so it is a good chance to get to know people.

Make sure you remain professional, especially when there is an open bar. Follow-up with the people you meet within forty-eight hours of meeting them, though it is likely that networking coffee will not take place until New Year. 

Focus on your strategy for 2020.

A New Year is often great inspiration for new beginnings. If you are considering a career change, use the break to consider your ambitions and make a plan for how you will hit the ground running come January.

Your plan may include where you will apply, preparing your references, editing your resume, and talking to your network.


Just because the Christmas period job market is slow does not mean you cannot use your time productively. Remember, ConservativeJobs.com is here to help.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!