Your internship is ending, make a lasting impression!
There’s a lot to be said about a first impression, but what about a last impression?

For many of us who have a full-time job, the run up to Christmas is a wind-down period. For interns coming to the end of their semester, it’s a time to solidify the strong reputation you have worked hard to build.

Instead of focusing on the impending Christmas break, use these last couple of weeks to impress your supervisors. You never know when a vacancy will emerge or you need a reference.

Here are some ways you can make a strong last impression.

Ask for a final evaluation

This shows your boss you invest in your personal growth, and care about your work performance.

The evaluation itself will also be very helpful for you professionally; it’s a chance to hear what you do well and where you can improve in future. You can then take this knowledge to your next opportunity and improve any issues your boss addresses.


Complete outstanding projects

Just because your time at your organization is coming to a close does not mean you should let your projects go unfinished.

If you fail to finish your outstanding projects before your internship ends, you will leave a bad impression, and your boss won’t thank you for the extra work. By completing those projects, you show your boss you are committed to your responsibilities as an intern.


Utilize all opportunities at your organization

At LI, all interns have access to free trainings. While they continue to enjoy this privilege for a year after their internship, some move home and can’t take advantage of the opportunity. The smart interns go to as many trainings as they can in the last few weeks.

If your organization offers similar perks -- holds events, meetings, visits -- take advantage of the opportunity now. It’s a lot harder to do when you’re not around.


Following from the last tip, networking is the best opportunity you have during an internship.

When you’re out of sight, you’re out of mind. It’s far easier to build relationships when you’re physically in the same city, so figure out who you want to stay in contact with after the internship and arrange one last meeting.

Also look at whom you have not yet had an opportunity to meet within your organization and organize a lunch or coffee. While the department you interned in may not be hiring, another department could.

Once you are confident in your relationships within your organization, look outside at the last few networking events and meet people at the organizations you hope to work for next.

Thank you

Make sure you take an opportunity to thank the people who have helped you during your internship. Writing personal cards to colleagues, in particular your supervisor, intern coordinator, department head, and President, is the best way to show appreciation for their efforts in your career.



Congratulations on completing your internship! Enjoy your well-earned Christmas break and if LI can be of assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out at