LI faculty members join international election observation mission in Honduras

TEGUCIGALPA – Honduras is one of the few countries in Latin America with a center-right government.  This week, four Leadership Institute staff and faculty members participated in an international mission observing the country’s national primary elections. 

The Leadership Institute’s International Department has a robust ongoing training program in Honduras.  The center-right National Party is under pressure from two leftist parties, the more extreme of which, Libre, receives active support from radical left-wing regimes in the region including Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua.

International observation missions are an important means of ensuring transparency and accountability in internal party democracy.  LI’s Director of International Programs Ron Nehring, former Ohio GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine, and former party chairs Nyna Armstrong and Thaddeus Taylor, who made up the LI team, were joined by 17 observers selected from conservative parties of other Latin American countries by Germany’s Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (Foundation), which sponsored the program. 

The observation team visited 4 polling places in the region of Honduras’ capital of Tegucigalpa, watching and reporting on how voters received and cast their ballots in each party’s primary election.

The team reported the election was well organized and experienced only minor complications, such as the late arrival of observers from various party factions at some polling places.

“While countries like Venezuela and Cuba rest political liberties, Honduras demonstrates a strong national commitment to allowing every citizens’ voice to be heard,” said Nehring.

In 2016, the Leadership Institute trained 1,058 conservative candidates, potential candidates, leaders, and activists from throughout Honduras. 

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