CPAC – A Family of Conservatives and a Chance to Learn
The conservative movement is formidable -- why?  Because we’re a family.

Our organizations work together, share ideas, collaborate on events, and promote each other’s staff and interns.  Anybody who works in the movement will be able to list their many friends in think tanks, non-profits, lobby groups, and on the Hill.

And, like any family… we have our challenges.  We don’t always cooperate the way we should, and we don’t always speak with one voice.  But we have a common purpose, and it drives us in the same direction.

If the conservative movement is a family, then CPAC is Christmas dinner

The time when we all come together to catch up with old friends, celebrate our victories, commiserate our losses, trade ideas, network, and discover new opportunities. 

In this blog, I want to talk to you about the opportunities at CPAC, because CPAC is about so much more than big speeches, and selfies with members of Congress. 

CPAC is a chance to learn new skills! 

The Leadership Institute will run a Campus Activism Bootcamp, to teach you the core skills to fight liberal bias on campuses, draw attention to your activism, create student groups, change policy, and expose biased professors.

Top lawyers will teach you the laws of academic freedom so you know when your rights to freedom of expression are breached. 

You will also learn how to draw attention to your activism and events through digital and social media efforts that have made many conservatives famous, and also given a platform for ideas mainstream media won’t discuss. 

In addition, the Leadership Institute will run a Career Bootcamp to give you the skills you need to secure your next job or promotion in the movement.  Learn to network with top conservatives, boost your resume, and stand-out at interviews.

There will also be panel discussions with major recruiters from the movement, private sector, and beyond.  Those of you serious about your futures should not miss out on this chance to question them and learn what you can do to work in the movement.

To help you with your current job search… the Leadership Institute will be running Career and Resume Consultations throughout CPAC.  Come find us!

A few things to remember:

Don’t neglect ‘horizontal networking.’  By this, I mean networking with people who are at the same professional level as you are.  They are future leaders; they are also your connection to partner organizations who can help you in your endeavors.

Get your business cards ready, and make sure you follow up with every person you meet.  You never know whose recommendation will secure your next opportunity.

Also, CPAC’s true opportunities are waiting for you outside of the main conference hall.  Go to as many lunches as you can manage, and as many after conference dinners as possible.

The best networking happens in relaxed environments.

CPAC is also a place to learn new skills and ideas.  Go to the panel discussions, and learn from the experts in the areas of policy you agree with, and those you don’t.  CPAC is a chance to broaden your mind!

The movement is growing, and CPAC is a great opportunity to put your foot on the door.  Morton Blackwell, says in his Laws of the Public Policy: “Never miss a political meeting if you think there’s the slightest chance you’ll wish you’d been there.”

This is one event you’re not going to want to miss.

I look forward to meeting you at what promises to be an eventful CPAC 2017!

Find out more about Leadership Institute's six CPAC events at  Register for CPAC here.