Elections Have Consequences -- On Your Career
The Leadership Institute trains thousands of conservatives each year; many currently have jobs in campaigns and other areas of the public policy process. 

These energetic, ambitious individuals are committed to learning how to win and to spreading conservative ideas.  For some, however, particularly our younger graduates, there is only one concern at the front of their minds – their careers.

Today’s elections are sure to have a significant impact on the conservative job market, regardless of the outcome.  If individuals are seeking employment within the movement, if they work in the movement, and especially if they currently work on a campaign, they should be planning for all possible circumstances.  Elections have consequences.

In careers, the most important Law of the Public Policy Process we live by is number 26: “Personnel is Policy.”  An employer who wants to advance conservatism can achieve more by hiring qualified people who share those principles.  On the other hand, a conservative job seeker can promote conservatism, even if the employer is not to the right, simply by moving the conversation away from the middle.

If the new administration is friendly to conservative principles, then countless opportunities may arise; however, in the event that those in power do not sympathize with conservatives, job seekers should not be afraid to broaden their horizons.

Politics is a bumpy road, and individuals may have to find a new career path at any time.  

It is important, therefore, to keep an open mind about careers.  Conservatives should not be afraid to work outside the public policy process.  For example, a sound conservative may be able to influence a company or non-profit simply by moving it to the right from within.

For those currently involved in a campaign, they will learn a broad variety of skills that are applicable to multiple career paths.  Learning to communicate messages effectively, networking, and organizing events are all skills which will prepare them for other careers.

Too many people believe that simply being conservative and philosophically sound will guarantee their success.  It is not enough, however, to simply have the right ideas.  If conservatives want to succeed in the movement and broaden the influence of conservatism in the public policy process, then they must prepare for any eventuality.

If you are seeking employment in the conservative movement, or you are looking to progress in your current position, attend the Leadership Institute’s Conservative Career Workshop on November 15 & 16 by following the link here.