The Leadership Institute is Hiring
Just when you think it couldn’t get worse, liberal college professors and administrators find new levels of shamelessness and fury.

Their commitment would be impressive -- if it were not so dangerous.  That is why the Leadership Institute is hiring field reps to level the playing field on college campuses.

Here is just one example of how hostile colleges have become for conservatives.  Former University of Missouri communications professor Melissa Click was caught on camera yelling profanity at police officers and blocking a student reporter (the irony!) during on-campus protests.  She yelled for “muscle” to physically push the student out of the way. Last month, she was fired by the university's Board of Curators in a 4-2 vote.

The professor blames the Board for bowing to “conservative voices.” The American Association of University Professors will vote in June to decide whether to censure the university for its decision. And, as you can see from the vote, two University of Missouri Board members took her side.

What a time to be a conservative on 
college campus.

That’s why the Leadership Institute is doubling down on our National Field Program this fall.

Since 1997, LI’s National Field Program has sent out teams of motivated, highly trained conservative activists.  LI field reps help students promote and defend their conservative principles on campus.

Their work has resulted in a nationwide network now of 1,755 independent conservative campus groups.

You -- or someone you know -- can become one of the nation’s best-trained, most effective, conservative leadersthrough the Leadership Institute’s 2016 Fall Field Representative Program.

Opportunities for full-time paid jobs to fight for your values do not come along very often.  

 Field reps receive up to $17,000 for 12 weeks of work, plus nine days of intensive training.  This exclusive training teaches you the tools and techniques necessary for success in the field.

Top performers will also be invited to extend their contracts for additional semesters.

The experience and connections gained from this position have helped former field reps launch careers in:

  • Grassroots activism
  • Political campaigns
  • Public policy
  • Congressional offices
  • Conservative non-profit organizations

Don’t wait -- take advantage of this unique opportunity today.  Apply online at

These positions fill up fast, so time is of the essence.