A Different Type of Activist

What do you think of when someone says that they’re an activist?  Do you picture scenes like supporters sign waving at the annual March for Life? Do you remember watching demonstrators on the steps of the Supreme Court waiting for a controversial decision?

Meet Jason Jones.

Jason is a conservative, pro-life activist who uses filmmaking to spread his message.  His goal is to navigate through (and counter) morally challenged Hollywood.  Known for films that promote a humane society, Jason is the president and founder of Movie to Movement, a project of his larger organization HERO (Human-Rights Education and Relief Organization).

Through Movie to Movement, Jason targets a broad audience and tells stories that allow people to acknowledge the value of life at all stages.  His films have won international attention for addressing tough issues that transcend generations and cultures.  Published projects include the film Bella, winner of the People’s Choice Award at the 2006 Toronto International Film Festival.

When asked about the reception of conservative principles in the left-leaning film industry, he said, “I don’t fish from a bucket [of conservatives].  I fish on the lake and put the fish I catch in the bucket.”

Jason and his team offer an alternative to the cultural norms Hollywood accepts and encourages.  Jason tailors every project to promote the value of humanity in Hollywood.

Even in Hollywood, he finds support. “I don’t believe any areas are shut off.  Regardless of ideology, we agree on more than we think we do.  Everyone want the best education, the best healthcare, the best world… we just have radically different ideas on how to get there.”

Jason hopes that projects like Bella communicate with people on an emotional level.  While each project has its own underlying focus, the mission of Movie to Movement is “to promote the incomparable dignity and beauty of the human person through the power of film.”

Much of the work he has done, he has attributed to the Leadership Institute.  Jason moved to the Washington DC area in the year 2000. He attended Institute workshops on fundraising, TV presence, and non-profit organization management.  He read every book Morton Blackwell recommends in “Read to Lead” and went to as many Wednesday Wake-up Club Breakfasts as he could attend.

Jason has adapted techniques employed by aspiring politicians for use in making and promoting films.  For example, Jason transformed LI’s precinct captain strategy into a “theater captain” program by assigning volunteers to advertise and advocate for Movie to Movement on the local level.  This and other techniques learned in the classrooms at LI have helped Jason advocate for conservative principles in Hollywood.

The Leadership Institute isn't just about learning techniques, it's about a network of conservative activists.  While learning how to win at LI, Jason met his best friend.  Jason has stayed in contact with many at LI, including Morton Blackwell. 

During his most recent visit to the Leadership Institute, Jason told staff members that because of LI, he knows how to do more than vote.   Jason encourages everyone to take an active role in changing politics and culture.   “If you think all you have to do is show up to vote, you’re a D student,” he told the Leadership Institute interns.  Jason champions party involvement and volunteering for causes and campaigns.

To learn more about Jason and his project Movie to Movement visit www.movietomovement.com.

The Leadership Institute thanks Jason for his dedication to conservative principles and congratulates him for receiving LI’s Conservative Leader Award.

To nominate a Leadership Institute graduate or faculty member for the Conservative Leader Award or Conservative Leader-In-Training Award, please contact LI's Director of External Affairs Carol Wehe, at Carol@LeadershipInstitute.org.

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