Leadership Institute grad elected second-youngest legislator in the United States of America
She’s 19.  She’s conservative.  She’s in college.  And she’s an elected official.

Yvonne Dean-Bailey was fed up with the leftism she encountered at her college.

She decided to do something about it – and enrolled in Leadership Institute training.  Yvonne went from conservative student to Leadership Institute graduate to campus activist to state legislator in less than a year.

A cesspool of liberalism:  Mount Holyoke College

LI’s campus field staff recruited and mentored Yvonne – a student eager to fight the left at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts.

Through the Leadership Institute’s campus watchdog news website, CampusReform.org, students like Yvonne expose leftist bias and indoctrination to make an impact on their own campuses.

Shockingly, leftists encircled and harassed Yvonne in the college’s cafeteria.  But Yvonne responded, “Despite this, I will continue to be an independent and active voice on campus until all sides are considered.”

Yvonne enrolled in the Leadership Institute’s Student Activism Conference, Television Workshop, and One-on-One Media Training.

Then, Yvonne took her conservative activism to the next level.  She ran for elected office in her home state.

Yvonne takes her activism to the next level through Leadership Institute campaign training

Yvonne ran courageously as a conservative in New Hampshire’s 32nd state district.  “If I’m elected, I’m going to focus on fiscally responsible principles and conservative principles,” she said.  “Some legislators think about tax dollars as just a number, when in actuality this is people’s money.”

Most observers didn’t expect much from this 19-year-old young lady.  But Yvonne had a crucial advantage.  “Through the Leadership Institute,” Yvonne said, “I learned how to fundraise, how to handle the media, and how to organize a grassroots effort in a rural New Hampshire community.”

With a record voter turnout in May, Yvonne defeated her leftist opponent with 52.4% of the vote.

Donors train young conservatives for a lifetime of activism

Today, Yvonne is the youngest Republican woman ever elected to the New Hampshire state legislature – and the second-youngest state legislator in America.

“The Leadership Institute gave me the tools I needed to beat an experienced liberal Democrat.  Their training makes young leaders successful in organizing campaigns,” Yvonne said.  “I’m so thankful for the donors who helped LI train me to win.”

Yvonne not only serves as the field director for a presidential candidate’s campaign, but she now studies at the University of New Hampshire where she continues to fight campus liberals and hold them accountable – both as a Leadership Institute campus correspondent and as a state representative.

Yvonne is one of the thousands of Institute-trained graduates who will fight to protect America’s founding principles for many years to come.