Likely Leftist Messaging
In case you're still confused or unsure how the left will approach this year's campaigns, here's an insightful article from the LA Times

Economic populism is the polite way the left phrases their campaign of "who to blame."

Remember, the left runs their campaigns (not just election campaigns, but public policy "campaigns") on the premise that it's "Us" versus "Them."  They define the "Them" and if you're not one of "Them" then you are one of "Us."  That's the way to build a winning, majority coalition.  They start with who to blame and then pivot to those who are victimized by that group.

In this case, blame the rich (and powerful).  It's their fault that you are where you are.  “They” won't raise the minimum wage.  “They” won't pay women equal pay.  “They” are uncaring and out of touch and for the rich.  Class warfare.  Income inequality. 

Get ready for it.  It's coming (it's already here).  And remember to deflect it and get back on your message.