Connie Marshner   -  Volunteer Faculty at the Leadership Institute

Connie Marshner

Connie Marshner started in Washington working on family issues before there was a Christian right.  After leading the pro-family effort at Jimmy Carter’s White House Conference on Families, Connie helped marshal grassroots Christians to elect Ronald  Reagan.  Throughout the Reagan years her Library Court Coalition meeting was the first stop in Washington, D.C., for  dozens of newly-formed Christian activists seeking to understand how politics works and how to be a voice in Washington.

For the last decade or so, Connie has been focusing on “developing the brand” of worthy causes in order to raise money.    Her firm, Connie Marshner & Associates (, offers clients innovative strategic development and fundraising – from the visionary and strategic level of positioning and brand definition to the ultra-practical nuts and bolts of establishing and running a fundraising operation, and everything in between.

She also writes weekly columns at and