Mike Rothfeld   -  Volunteer Faculty at the Leadership Institute

Mike Rothfeld

Michael I. Rothfeld is President of SABER Communications, Inc. a campaign, political consulting, grass-roots organizing and direct response company located in Falmouth, Virginia.

In over twenty years of professional political activism, Mr. Rothfeld has directed grass-roots programs for all types of organizations including PACs, educational foundations, political lobbies, political parties and campaigns.

Mr. Rothfeld spent over three years (1987-1991) in charge of the direct mail program for the National Right to Work Committee, employing a staff of thirty, directing a four million dollar budget, and crafting and implementing political programs.

In 1992, Mr. Rothfeld formed SABER Communications, Inc., a full-service consulting company working with selected (pro-life, liberty/conservative) candidates for political office; direct mobilization management (mail, phones and internet) for organizations, non-profits and businesses; and consulting in grass-roots political lobbying.  SABER has worked for conservative candidates at all levels.

As President of the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership and a long-time lecturer on Campaign Management and Legislative Activism, Mr. Rothfeld is recognized as one of the few experts in both the financial and political aspects of campaigns and mass-based, grass roots politics.  He is well-known for his lecture, The Real Nature of Politics and Politicians.

Mr. Rothfeld is the Founder and a board member of the National Association for Gun Rights.

Mr. Rothfeld married Diana in 1982, is a retired home-schooling father of four, member of Berea Baptist Church, active Gideon and holds a BA in Philosophy and MA in International Affairs from The Catholic University of America.