Avid Fisherman and North Carolinian, Ryan Glennon Helps College Students Make a Difference
Meet Ryan Glennon, Leadership Institute (LI) Regional Field Coordinator. Ryan helps college students in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware. Ryan is from North Carolina and holds two Bachelor’s degrees and a Master’s degree from North Carolina State University. 

Ryan first got involved with the Leadership Institute when he attended an LI Youth Leadership School. Ryan felt empowered by LI’s training and began his career at the Leadership Institute as a Summer 2020 intern. Upon the completion of his internship, Ryan was hired to be an LI Regional Field Coordinator. 

I recently interviewed Ryan to discuss favorite aspects of his career and learn about how the Leadership Institute continues to build the conservative movement on college campuses across the nation. In his answers, Ryan shows that he truly enjoys his career and genuinely cares about the success of his students and their campus movements.

Outside of the Leadership Institute, what are some things you enjoy?

I have loved to fish since I was a little kid. It was something that my Dad and I have always enjoyed together, and it is still something that brings me immense joy. I fished tournaments with the bass fishing team in college. 

It’s a very challenging sport that teaches you adversity and patience, but it can also be a relaxing activity with friends and family.

How does your job fulfil you?

The biggest thing is just seeing the groups I have helped make a difference.

Starting groups has given a lot of people a sense of direction in college along with community and friendship. That is so important, and it goes beyond politics.

What is your favorite event that you have helped students put together, and why?

The Cabot Philips speech at Liberty University (October 2021) and the Andres Guilarte speech at Virginia Tech (February 2021) were both pretty great. Both events attracted more than 100 attendees and were the two of the best speeches I have ever heard. There was a lot of enthusiasm. It generated a lot of support for what groups were doing on campus. Students gained confidence in what they were doing and their abilities, and it created a lot more conversation on campus.

There is nothing like a solid speaker event to really drive up the enthusiasm, get people involved, and stay involved. These events create excitement.

As a Regional Field Coordinator, you work with students daily who are where you were just a few years ago. How do you use your position to inspire them as young conservatives? 

I try to figure out what they want to accomplish. From that moment forward, I come up with a plan to help them start and build a club. I help them realize I am there to be a resource. I am invested in their efforts and success.

I am there to help and guide them, give them advice and opportunities, and motivate them.

I’ve seen a lot of people just appreciate the fact that someone came along and helped. When I was a chapter leader, any kind of help I got was exciting. It goes a long way when I say “Hey, I’m Ryan. I’m here to help your club. What can I do?”

How did the Leadership Institute change your life?

Nothing helped me more than attending a Leadership Institute training and learning how to be effective. It has helped me in my job and has helped me guide and instruct others to make a huge impact on campuses.

Training yourself and investing in your own knowledge and competence leads directly to helping others and improving their effectiveness.

That’s the beauty of LI trainings. You take what you know and spread it to others, who spread it to other leaders, and the process continues. It creates a well-trained movement.

Do you think that what you have learned at the Leadership Institute will help you in other areas of life?

Absolutely. Working at the Leadership Institute and being able to network and communicate with dozens of student leaders, guide events, and speak at trainings personally has helped me build my confidence as a leader, mentor, trainer, and public speaker.

This job has helped me learn to work independently to achieve my goals and see work pay off. It has helped me build meaningful relationships.

Are you a college student in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, or Delaware? Contact Ryan for help. You can find more information about getting a job at the Leadership Institute at LeadershipInstitute.org/Jobs.