Writings and Manuals

You can learn in three different ways:
1. By personal experience.
2. By observation.
3. By studying the experience of others.


You can't experience or observe everything, but you can, by reading, learn from the experiences of your contemporaries, the previous generation, and those who lived ages ago.


After you have accumulated a lot of knowledge about how the world really works, you can become highly effective and achieve many things important to you.


If you're a conservative activist, student, or leader, start here.

Full List

  • A Tribute to Paul Weyrich
  • Advice to a Just-Elected Conservative Friend
  • Another Large Influx of Grassroots Conservatives
  • Anti-PAC Agitation is a Liberal Power Grab
  • Conservative Outreach to "Minorities"
  • Conspiracy Theories
  • Deep Blue Campuses
  • Do You Want to be a National Convention Delegate?
  • Excellence Questions
  • How to Be a Leader
  • How to Present a Public Program
  • How to Stop Them From Stomping Out the Grassroots
  • Ideas, Actions, and Consequences
  • Lecture to the August 2007 Field Representative Class
  • Leftist Abuses and Bias on Campus
  • Life of the Party
  • Mistakes of Losing Candidates
  • Mistakes of Winning Candidates
  • Morton Blackwell's Writing Standards & Style Guide
  • Morton Blackwell’s Famous Foolproof Fundraising Formula
  • One Step Backward Isn't the End of Communism
  • People, Parties, and Power
  • Power and Influence
  • Problems of Success
  • Read to Lead
  • Social Change and Friends of Liberty
  • Survival Values
  • The Conservative Organizational Entrepreneur
  • The Laws Of The Public Policy Process
  • The Media and Election 2004
  • The Philosopher in Action
  • The Real Nature of Politics
  • The Roots of the Ultra Left
  • The United States and Russia -- An Odd Couple of Friends
  • What’s the Real Nature of Conservative Politics?
  • Why Jesse Helms is the Country's Favorite Conservative Senator