RNC Co-Chairman: More Women in Politics!
RNC Co-Chairman: More Women in Politics!

Sharon Day, the Texas-born Indiana businesswoman turned Florida political activist and grandmother of five, was elected in January 2011 as co-chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC) to serve with Chairman Reince Priebus. “We want more women in the political process," Sharon said. "More importantly, we need them…we need their voices in elective office or as activists.”

State Representative Matt Krause:  A Deep Heart in Texas
State Representative Matt Krause: A Deep Heart in Texas

Matt Krause, the 33-year-old first term state representative in Texas, has been ranked the third most conservative member of the entire 150-member House and has been named one of the “Top Five House Courageous Conservatives” by the Texas Conservative Coalition. 

He said, "I would not be where I am today in the Texas House of Representatives if it were not for the Leadership Institute’s training. LI gave me the tools to succeed in the political world.”

Click to read more about his remarkable story.

Student Exposes Bullying Professor
Student Exposes Bullying Professor

It was a normal Wednesday when sophomore Evan Schrage went into his literature class at Michigan State University (MSU) – until the lecture and questioning turned vicious. His professor, William Penn, veered off track in the creative writing class with a rant about “dead white Republicans” who had “raped this country.” Evan videoed the diatribe and posted it online at the Leadership Institute’s Campus Reform news site, where the video went viral. (Watch it here.) Campus Reform, which has had more than three million unique visitors this year, is the web’s number-one source for news about college campuses.

Millennial on the Move
Millennial on the Move

The 21-year-old Jessie Markell, a former Leadership Institute intern, is working hard as the youth coordinator for Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli—a 2005 graduate of Leadership Institute grassroots activist training. 

Previously, Jessie was the state chairman for Young Americans for Liberty in Florida, his chapter’s president, and an intern for multiple organizations—all while putting himself through college.

Strong Families, Strong Economy
Strong Families, Strong Economy

Two days from now social conservatives across America will gather in Washington, DC for the annual Values Voter Summit, organized by the Family Research Council.

“Social conservatives bring a lot to the conservative movement, as they stand strong for protecting the sanctity of human life and promoting traditional family values,” Family Research Council Web Editor Krystle Gabele said.  “A strong family is the key to a prosperous society and ensuring that future generations have an even better America to look forward to.”

Final 5 lessons from this week's fundraising training

The week-long Comprehensive Fundraising Training -- a bootcamp on raising funds for causes and campaigns -- finished yesterday with the Direct Mail School. 

Speakers included Richard Viguerie (at left), who pioneered political direct mail and is often called the "funding father" of the conservative movement.

You can find previous highlights from the first daysecond day, and third day of the fundraising trainings this week, and lessons from the last day by clicking below.

5 tips for raising money by direct mail

The first day of the Direct Mail School was a busy one for attendees yesterday.

The training is the second half of the Leadership Institute's Comprehensive Fundraising Training -- a week-long bootcamp on raising funds.

Below are the big lessons I got from each speaker. The last round of updates will be here tomorrow for the second day of the Direct Mail School.

Student Travels 6 Hours to Sharpen Political Arsenal
Student Travels 6 Hours to Sharpen Political Arsenal

You care about your cause, but do you have the tools to make change happen? Scott Gibbons of North Carolina now has the tools after traveling six-and-a-half hours to attend LI’s Tactical Warfare Workshop – with more than 150 other conservatives who have added to their political arsenal to fight the left.

5 lessons from LI's high-dollar fundraising training

The Leadership Institute's High-Dollar Fundraising School came to a close yesterday.

But the packed, two-day training is just part of the Leadership Institute's Comprehensive Fundraising Training -- a week-long bootcamp on raising funds for causes and campaigns, running throughout this week.

Below are the key takeaways I got from each speaker (including LI's Morton Blackwell!) at the High-Dollar Fundraising School on the second day. More to come throughout the week; the Direct Mail School is next.

Do the Right Thing

Dave Wallace’s  father  always  told  him  to  do  the right thing -- "No  matter how hard it is, do the right thing."

Dave, a small business owner, husband, and father of three, has spent his life trying to do just that, including using the profits from his business to promote the message of liberty.

“I’ve  always loved freedom,” Dave said. From the time he was a youngster, growing up in a “postage-stamp-sized yard” in Maryland, he realized the importance of liberty.

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