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Aspiring Activists Learn Public Relations Techniques

Earlier this week, more than 30 students attended the Leadership Institute’s Public Relations School where they learned branding, mass communications, media relations, one-on-one communication, and pitching.


Advantage, Inc. Vice President of Operations Jim Eltringham kicked off the training by teaching message development and hammered home the importance of emotion in crafting messages.


“There has to be emotion,” Jim said.  “It has to tug on your heart strings. You don’t win elections on ideas and politics alone.”


He emphasized the need for politicians to identify with the voters: “People don’t want labels. They want leaders. They want solutions. The audience wants to know what you are going to do to solve their problems.”


LI's Exposes 'Anti-White' University Campaign

Wednesday the Leadership Institute’s Campus Reform exposed a “racial justice” ad campaign at the University of Minnesota – Duluth, funded by the administration, to combat “white privilege.”


After LI’s Campus Reform Regional Field Coordinator Oliver Darcy published the “Unfair” campaign story Wednesday, the story brought more than a quarter of a million unique web visitors in one day to the site and was the topic of many news sites, including: Drudge, the Wall Street Journal, The BLAZE, Fox News’ O’Reilly Factor, and others.


To read the full story and watch the ad video, please go here.




LI Hosts Advanced New Media Training

Earlier this month more than 50 conservatives gathered to learn more about online activism.


Republican National Committee Digital Victory Director Matt DeLuca started off by teaching the class the basics.


Matt hammered home that online grassroots activism is about relationships and authenticity, “You want them to share it. You want them to be involved.”


He said that if students only took one thing from his lecture it should be the “importance of recognizing platforms and how to use them to get your message out. Be creative!”


LI’s Monthly Campaign Management School Welcomes more than 50 conservatives

The Leadership Institute hosted more than 50 conservatives at its rigorous four-day Campaign Management School, part of LI’s monthly  campaign training series. 


Lectures ran eight to 10 hours Monday through Thursday, covering everything from political research to buying and developing effective paid media.



Adrian Guillory, who recently worked on the Ron Paul 2012 campaign in Louisiana as an intern, was one conservative who attended.  The budding activist said, “This was a fun training from

leading conservative campaign experts who provide invaluable lessons to achieve election victory.”


Day One:


Topics included: campaign research, writing a campaign plan, campaign finance, developing a message, polling basics, and campaign structure/organization. 


Click to read on for more about the training.


LI Hosts Television Techniques Workshop

The Leadership Institute recently hosted 29 conservatives in a television training that focused on the necessary techniques to equip activists when working with the media.



Attendees learned to techniques usable on TV broadcasts, in radio interviews, and in online forums.


The training was led by Beverly Hallberg, founder and president of District Media Group, where she produces, directs, edits, and serves as a media trainer for news corporations. 


Over the course of the day, students learned what to do -- and not to do -- in TV appearances. Lectures ranged from wardrobe choices to nonverbal behaviors.


Mike Wooten, a student at the training, is a veteran Marine running for an elected school board position in Prince William County, Virginia after an incumbent resigned.


LI Welcomes Congressman Joe Wilson

On Wednesday, June 6, more than 100 Leadership Institute supporters, graduates, faculty, and staff welcomed South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson to address June’s Wednesday Wake-Up Club Breakfast.


Rep. Wilson is no stranger to the Leadership Institute.


He is a notable graduate of LI’s 2002 and 2005 One-On-One Television Workshop as well as a member of LI’s Congressional Advisory Board.


“The Leadership Institute has made such a difference for our country giving young conservative the skills to go home and make a difference. And you [LI] are making a difference,” said Rep. Wilson.


Rep. Wilson energized the crowd with his support of Governor Scott Walker in the wake of his victory, saying, “Walker’s win should inspire political leaders across the country, and it does.”


Rep. Wilson encouraged young people throughout the country to get involved in this fall’s election.

Chicago Fundraiser Saves Lives, One Child at a Time

Next week the Pro-Life Action League will host the Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally in cities across America. The group’s rally in March had more than 63,000 people from 146 cities standing up for religious freedom. Expectations are even higher for the rally June 8.

“We hope to have 100,000 participants in over 150 cities,” Pro-Life Action League Development Director Paige Scarlett, also a Leadership Institute graduate, said. “This rally is a campaign that’s sweeping our nation to build awareness about the threats to our constitutional right to ‘freedom of religion’ posed by the Obama Administration’s Health and Human Services mandate.”

“The administration’s newest mandate forces religious employers, such as Catholic hospitals and schools to provide abortion-inducing drugs, sterilization, and contraception in employee healthcare plans for free – even though these all go directly against the employer’s religious beliefs,” Paige said.  “We are standing up for our constitutional rights that our Founding Fathers fought and died for, and one of those is the right to freedom of religion without interference by government.”

The 30-year-old organization Pro-Life Action League leads sidewalk counseling at abortion clinics, helps students start pro-life clubs, and investigates abortion clinic violations, which has led to the closing of numerous facilities. 

“I get to work alongside the ‘godparents’ of the pro-life movement on a daily basis, Joe and Ann Scheidler,” Paige said.  “I am inspired by their tireless grassroots efforts to fight abortion since 1973 and keep it a sizzling, hot-button issue in our country.”

Paige has worked at Pro-Life Action League since January, but never imagined she would go to college and be working.

“My girlish hope and dream was to get married young and have a big family,” Paige, the oldest of a family of seven Catholic and conservative children, said.  “But God had other plans for me. He wanted me to go to college and work in the pro-life movement – and save babies before I had any of my own!”

Expert Insights: How to Make the Most of Your DC Internship by Eliza Thurston

So you’ve secured a coveted internship in the nation’s capitol—now what?

Learn how to make the most of your time while you are here.

When I first came to Washington, DC as an intern in the summer of 2008 I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Growing up in a sleepy Midwest town on the outskirts of farmland, life in the big city was a new concept to me. How I wish I knew then what I know now!

The advice below, culled from my time living and working in Washington, will help you navigate your internship and make it more than just another line on your resume.

Click to read Eliza's expert tips on making the most of your DC internship.

LI’s Summer Interns Arrive Next Week with Already 474 hours of LI Training

Next week the Leadership Institute will welcome 12 conservatives hailing from nine American states and two countries as interns for the summer 2012 semester.

Already these 12 young people have taken 474 hours of Leadership Institute trainings in topics as various as public speaking, youth leadership, campaign management, public relations, campus elections, TV training, and fundraising.

As interns, they will have the opportunity to take additional free LI trainings for the next year, be mentored by LI’s staff in their departments as they complete 40-hour work weeks, stay rent-free in the Sacher Intern House just blocks from the office, attend private dinners with conservative leaders, and host a weekly conservative book discussion.

Please help us welcome our newest members to the team!

Click to read the full story to the right to read each of their bios and know them personally.


An All-American Woman

Peggy Hutt is an all-American woman.  Born in Ohio, she was raised in Southern California, stationed to Utah by the military, then moved in 1985 with her husband to Seattle, Washington for his job, and she’s been in Washington state ever since.


Peggy recruits and organizes conservatives in the state of Washington as the state coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots and co-founder/coordinator of the Tacoma Narrows Tea Party. 


On Tuesday, Peggy and the Tacoma Narrows Tea Party (TNTP) hosted their annual Tax Day Rally in their community with around 150 people present. Peggy dressed as a peasant and greeted people saying, “Taxed enough already, me lord!”

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