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5 tips for raising money by direct mail

The first day of the Direct Mail School was a busy one for attendees yesterday.

The training is the second half of the Leadership Institute's Comprehensive Fundraising Training -- a week-long bootcamp on raising funds.

Below are the big lessons I got from each speaker. The last round of updates will be here tomorrow for the second day of the Direct Mail School.

5 lessons from LI's high-dollar fundraising training

The Leadership Institute's High-Dollar Fundraising School came to a close yesterday.

But the packed, two-day training is just part of the Leadership Institute's Comprehensive Fundraising Training -- a week-long bootcamp on raising funds for causes and campaigns, running throughout this week.

Below are the key takeaways I got from each speaker (including LI's Morton Blackwell!) at the High-Dollar Fundraising School on the second day. More to come throughout the week; the Direct Mail School is next.

6 takeaways from LI's High-Dollar Fundraising School (Day 1)

The first day of the Leadership Institute's Comprehensive Fundraising Training -- a week-long bootcamp in raising funds for campaigns and causes -- kicked off with a full day at the High-Dollar Fundraising School.

If you couldn't make it, don't worry.

You can read the key takeaways from each speaker.

More to come throughout the week.

Liberty Isn’t Free: It Must Be Fought For
Liberty Isn’t Free: It Must Be Fought For

Teri Capshaw, a homeschooler from South Dakota, worked as a reporter during college. After graduation, she was hired as an evening news producer in Boise, Idaho, where she met her husband -- before starting her own sewing business. Now, she takes her professional background into meetings with donors and potential partners for Campaign for Liberty, where she serves as the donor relations officer. Read on for more about Teri and the upcoming Liberty Political Action Conference.

LI Engages Latinos in Florida
LI Engages Latinos in Florida

The Leadership Institute and partnering organizations went to Orlando, Florida to meet with more than 70 people from across the I-4 corridor to find the issues that unite conservatives and Hispanics. Notable guests included a representative from U.S. Senator Marco Rubio’s staff, a candidate for Florida governor, several candidates for Congress, local elected officials, and community and business leaders.

LI's Newest Initiative --
LI's Newest Initiative -- "Issues That Unite: Latinos & Conservatism"

LI's Issues That Unite: Latinos & Conservatism event training was held last week in Las Vegas, Nevada -- the first city out of eight the Leadership Institute and its partnering national organizations will visit this summer and fall. Partners include: The Heritage Foundation, Libre Initiative, New America, Red Card Solution, Tea Party Patriots, and VOCES Action.

The Civil Service: How to Cut Through the Bureaucracy
The Civil Service: How to Cut Through the Bureaucracy

The Leadership Institute hosted the first Civil Service Opportunity School in more than two years this past Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. The 24 students that attended learned a variety of things about the civil service including its history, how it works today, and what it takes to get a job in the government.

80 Conservatives Now Ready to be Campaign Managers!
80 Conservatives Now Ready to be Campaign Managers!

Last week 80 conservative activists gathered at the Leadership Institute headquarters for an intense four day Campaign Management School (CMS).


One attendee from last week's training was Dean Allen, a tea party leader from Charleston, South Carolina. He said, “I have been involved in politics since I was the Galveston County youth chairman for Barry Goldwater in the 1964 presidential race. I ran Ronald Reagan's GOTV operation in Galveston County. I consider myself an expert in politics who is well trained and knows the ropes very well. I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality of instruction, the broad scope of activities covered, and all the things I either did not know as in depth as I had thought; or, at the technology and newer methods that are more efficient. I learned a huge amount every day! I strongly recommend the educational programs of the Leadership Institute to any conservative activist who cares about the future of our republic and plans to be involved in the process of saving America.”

Breakfast with a Side of Economics
Breakfast with a Side of Economics

Yesterday the Leadership Institute welcomed Art Carden, assistant professor of economics at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama, and 129 others for LI’s monthly Wednesday Wake-Up Club Breakfast. "Redistribution doesn't solve poverty; it's economic freedom that solves poverty in the world,” he shared yesterday. "When we redistribute land from private owners to government, we are lowering economic growth in the long run."

LI's 2012 In Review
LI's 2012 In Review

This past year—2012—was record-breaking for the Leadership Institute.  LI’s staff and 349 volunteer faculty trained 13,896 conservatives—the most ever in any year of the Institute’s 33-year history—bringing the total trained to 116,800 since its 1979 founding. LI hosted 359 trainings in more than 30 states and 13 countries.

Twelve stories on LI’s made national news, making the site America’s #1 source for campus news online with more than 2 million unique hits.  LI’s 25 field representatives helped conservative students start 269 new independent student groups into LI’s unique network of 1,511 student groups on 616 college campuses, the largest such network in the nation.  

LI’s Career Services Center hosted 985 attendees at job fairs, offered 120 hours of personal career mentoring, and placed 104 conservatives in jobs. LI’s 37 interns came from 33 colleges, 19 states, 6 countries, and spent 3,429 hours combined in LI training.

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