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Running Against the Odds
Running Against the Odds

Missouri’s Fifth Congressional District was over 60% Democrat and the media had painted the race as “unwinnable” for a Republican.  But that didn’t stop one dedicated conservative from running against the odds.

Unlike many who run for public office, Jacob Turk didn’t plan to run.  He graduated from the University of Missouri – Kansas City with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and is a Marine Corps veteran, business owner, volunteer, proud father, and grandfather.

“Honestly, if I had not felt the Lord calling me distinctly to run for this office, I can’t imagine deciding to do it on my own.  It was a step of faith to run.”

Jacob Turk ran for U.S. Congress in Missouri’s Fifth Congressional District in 2012 and again in 2014.

“We are not wealthy nor do we have powerful political connections,” Jacob said.  “One of the biggest obstacles was...

How to know if your story is a winner
How to know if your story is a winner

Two weeks ago we talked about why storytelling matters (because it’s how you convince people). This week, we talked about how to tell stories.

Beyond the simple tactics like listening to other stories, watching performers, and practicing your story out loud, we borrowed, from Made to Stick, this list. These seven story archetypes are a gut check: if your story fits an archetype, you’ve found a potential winner.

Why Stories: 10 Characteristics of Effective Stories
Why Stories: 10 Characteristics of Effective Stories

In case you missed the webinar on Storytelling: Part One, here are the top 10 Characteristics of Effective Stories. 

Stories win races. Change minds. Influence events.

Stories are one of the most valuable tools that we have. 

Learn the ten characteristics of effective stories from my recent Leadership Institute webinar, Storytelling Part 1: Storytelling & why it matters.  Watch the recorded webinar here.

DC Summer Interns Get Trained
DC Summer Interns Get Trained

Last week 84 conservative DC summer interns gathered at the Leadership Institute to learn the secrets for a successful internship.

Experts on everything from networking and résumé writing to dressing for success addressed interns and provided tricks of the trade and personal experiences.

“I feel equipped and better prepared to excel in Washington this summer and in the future,” said Austin Pendergist, intern in the office of Congressman Mark Sanford (R – SC).

LI’s 2013 in Review
LI’s 2013 in Review

This past year—2013—was record-breaking for the Leadership Institute!

LI’s staff and 215 volunteer faculty trained 10,062 students nationally and 15,614 students internationally—the most ever in any year of the Institute’s 34-year history—bringing the total trained to 143,062 since its 1979 founding. LI Hosted 403 trainings in 42 states and 14 countries. Read on for more impressive statistics.

Working for the right to work
Working for the right to work

“If it wasn’t for the Leadership Institute, I would not be where I am today,” National Right To Work Committee and National Right To Work Legal Defense Foundation President Mark Mix said. 

Across all 50 states Mark and his staff fight leftist laws that require union membership as a condition for employment. Their organization believes that all Americans must have the right to join a union if they choose to, but no one should ever be forced to affiliate with a union in order to get or keep a job.

In college, Mark met a person at James Madison University who changed his life. 

Strong Families, Strong Economy
Strong Families, Strong Economy

Two days from now social conservatives across America will gather in Washington, DC for the annual Values Voter Summit, organized by the Family Research Council.

“Social conservatives bring a lot to the conservative movement, as they stand strong for protecting the sanctity of human life and promoting traditional family values,” Family Research Council Web Editor Krystle Gabele said.  “A strong family is the key to a prosperous society and ensuring that future generations have an even better America to look forward to.”

Final 5 lessons from this week's fundraising training

The week-long Comprehensive Fundraising Training -- a bootcamp on raising funds for causes and campaigns -- finished yesterday with the Direct Mail School. 

Speakers included Richard Viguerie (at left), who pioneered political direct mail and is often called the "funding father" of the conservative movement.

You can find previous highlights from the first daysecond day, and third day of the fundraising trainings this week, and lessons from the last day by clicking below.

5 tips for raising money by direct mail

The first day of the Direct Mail School was a busy one for attendees yesterday.

The training is the second half of the Leadership Institute's Comprehensive Fundraising Training -- a week-long bootcamp on raising funds.

Below are the big lessons I got from each speaker. The last round of updates will be here tomorrow for the second day of the Direct Mail School.

5 lessons from LI's high-dollar fundraising training

The Leadership Institute's High-Dollar Fundraising School came to a close yesterday.

But the packed, two-day training is just part of the Leadership Institute's Comprehensive Fundraising Training -- a week-long bootcamp on raising funds for causes and campaigns, running throughout this week.

Below are the key takeaways I got from each speaker (including LI's Morton Blackwell!) at the High-Dollar Fundraising School on the second day. More to come throughout the week; the Direct Mail School is next.

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