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Working for the right to work
Working for the right to work

“If it wasn’t for the Leadership Institute, I would not be where I am today,” National Right To Work Committee and National Right To Work Legal Defense Foundation President Mark Mix said. 

Across all 50 states Mark and his staff fight leftist laws that require union membership as a condition for employment. Their organization believes that all Americans must have the right to join a union if they choose to, but no one should ever be forced to affiliate with a union in order to get or keep a job.

In college, Mark met a person at James Madison University who changed his life. 

The Next Great Communicator Works to Defund
The Next Great Communicator Works to Defund "ObamaCare"

“I joined Heritage Action a month after it launched, in July of 2010,” Heritage Action Deputy Political Director Nathanael Yellis said. Three years later, their focus for this fall is clear: defund the Affordable Care Act. “I'm excited about our effort to defund Obamacare,” he continued. “We're working to make this the issue when Congress returns in September.”

From College Socialist to Conservative Journalist
From College Socialist to Conservative Journalist

“I was…a liberal,” said Lachlan Markay.  “Socialist might be more accurate.” He was surrounded by liberal thought at Hamilton College, where neither faculty nor students questioned their “knee-jerk” liberal philosophy.   And that bothered Lachlan.

Top Pollster Award Goes to LI Graduate
Top Pollster Award Goes to LI Graduate

Leadership Institute graduate and former intern Chris Perkins was recently named the top Texas pollster by Capitol Inside’s bi-partisan “Political Consultants Power Rankings.”


Maybe you’ve heard of some his clients: Texas Rep. Doc Anderson, Texas Rep. Greg Bonnen, Texas Senator Donna Campbell, Texas Rep. Stefani Carter, Texas Railroad Commissioner Christi Craddick, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, Texas Rep. Tony Dale, Texas Senator Kelly Hancock, Texas Rep. Charles Perry, Texas Senator Larry Taylor, Texas Rep. James White as well as Texans for Lawsuit Reform, Texas Republican Representatives Campaign Committee, and Conservative Republicans of Texas, just to name a few.


Helping Ted Cruz win and head into the U.S. Senate this month was one of Chris’ professional highlights.


“Ted Cruz’s win was huge—for many reasons,” Chris told me. “It was great to be involved with such a great man—Mr. Cruz—knowing his heart is in the right place and knowing he’ll do great things for conservatives in the U.S. Senate.” 


“The first poll I did for Cruz was in July 2011 and had him at 2 percent (with only a quarter of likely Texas voters that had ever heard him) - and the margin of error was 3 percent.  So it was a tall order and a full team effort taking him from 2 percent in the polls into the United States Senate,” Chris said.  “For me personally, it validates our firm’s polling accuracy – which is the best in the country – and validates the methodological tools we provide to campaigns that show how voters move behind certain messages, how they gravitate toward candidates based on what type of information that they are receiving, and what issues we are attacked on that we leave alone.”


George Landrith: Forever a Freedom Fighter

As America’s Independence Day approaches, let’s treasure those that let freedom ring.


Commitment to conservative causes, for some, are a lifetime calling.


In the 1980s, George Landrith was a political science and economics major at conservative Brigham Young University and, later, business editor of the Virginia Journal of Law and Politics at the University of Virginia School of Law.


Since school, George’s fight for liberty continues.


He was admitted as a member of
the United States Supreme Court bar,
ran for federal office, elected to local office, appointed by the Virginia governor to a business council, and served as senior staff for two organizations in the conservative movement.


“As long as I can remember, I knew of the Leadership Institute,” George said.


Lifelong Activist Now Trains Thousands

Born in the Big Apple to Holocaust survivors, college student Henry Kriegel launched the Columbia University Young Americans for Freedom campus group in the early 1980s.  His inspiration? It was his parents’ fight for survival during the Holocaust and Ronald Reagan’s election in 1980.

Henry’s passion for survivors moved him across the country to Los Angeles, where he helped Afghan refugees get on their feet and organize a rally against the Soviet Union in the mid 1980s.

Soon after, he was hired by Washington, D.C.-based Committee for a Free Afghanistan as its public relations director. Two years later he became executive director, a position he held until the Soviets completely withdrew from Afghanistan in 1989. His group worked with Rep. Charlie Wilson and other Members of Congress to support the Afghans.

“The movie and book Charlie Wilson’s War is very accurate,” Henry told the Leadership Institute.  “I left Washington, DC in 1990 because I felt I had made my contribution and wanted to join my friends who lived in Big Sky Country—Montana, also known as the last best place.  I hardly ever looked back until 9/11, when I watched airplanes strike the World Trade Center, in New York, my hometown.” 

“Shocked to discover that the terrorists were trained in Afghanistan, I then got re-energized and launched a remote radio PR tour urging the Bush Administration to work closely with the Northern Alliance to exact retribution on the Taliban and Al Qaeda,” Henry said. “I appeared on nearly every major radio talk show and several TV programs while traveling to New York and Los Angeles.  I haven’t stopped my activism since that time.”

Now, Henry’s active in local issues.

Let’s Give an “Aloha” to Hawaiian Business and Political Leader

David Chang is a creator—a creator of products, services, strategy, and implementation.


He is president and CEO of the following companies: GreenTech Pacific, a company selling energy efficient technologies; PowerH2O, a premium water bottle company; WealthBridge, Inc., a wealth and business management company that empowers individuals in their financial, investment, and retirement planning; WealthBridge Real Estate, development company acquiring a portfolio of properties; The Cabinet and Stone Factory, a residential and commercial remodeling and renovation construction firm; and Pacific West Import and Export, an import and export merchant company.


But that’s not all.


He’s also a commander for the Hawaii Army National Guard and previously an intelligence officer.


To boot, David is a former pastor and ministry leader at his church.


And since November, David has been elected to direct the strategy of the Republican Party in Hawaii.


Two years before being elected chairman of the Hawaii GOP (Grand Old Party), David attended two Leadership Institute Activist Schools in Honolulu.


“I was a first-time candidate and was very impressed with the depth of knowledge and experience that you offered. I remember the Leesburg Grid very well, and especially the fundraising tips and the best way to conduct grassroots operations,” David told the Leadership Institute.


And the "Oscar of the political advertising" goes to LI faculty Holly Robichaud

A few weeks ago, Holly Robichaud, Leadership Institute faculty for grassroots, received the 2011 Pollie Award for campaign brochure design and was named to the 2011 Aristotle's Excellence Awards Republican National Dream Team. The awards were dubbed the "Oscars of political advertising" by Esquire.

Since 2008, Holly has travelled across the country as an Institute faculty member. She has trained conservatives in school topics ranging from campaigns, communications, to get-out-the-vote efforts. This is all in addition to her work as the founder of the Tuesday Associates, a political consulting company; a political analyst for the Boston Herald; and a columnist for Winning Campaigns magazine. 

Americans for Prosperity President Praises LI at monthly Wednesday Wake-Up Club Breakfast

Tim Phillips, president of Americans for Prosperity, spoke January 5 at the Leadership Institute’s monthly Wednesday Wakeup Club Breakfast. Read on for Mr. Phillips’ personal comments on the Leadership Institute and to watch the video.
Tim Phillips

LI Trains Conservative Activist and President of Control Automation Technologies Corporation

The Leadership Institute trained Mike Watson, founder and president of Control Automation Technologies Corporation, a precision instrument testing laboratory company. Read on for his personal testimony.
Mike Watson

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