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Preparing for Your Interview: Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

Even the most confident people are nervous at interviews.  Who wouldn’t be?  A lot is riding on a 30-minute conversation where your personality and career successes are scrutinized. 

I bet you can remember your worst interview; I do!

I had researched thoroughly.  And as always, I showed up 15 minutes early to scan through my notes one last time in the busy public lobby.

Eventually, my name was called, and I took the endless walk down the oak paneled corridor to the interviewer’s office.  I sat down in the overheated room and faced my interviewer.

It was tough!  The questions were in-depth, and my interviewer was giving nothing away in his reactions. 

As the interview progressed, I was becoming more and more in need of water.  My nerves and the heated room caused my throat to dry up, and I could barely speak.  Too keen to impress, I did not dare ask for a drink, and I had not brought one with me.

Approximately 20 minutes in, I could not speak at all, except in a suffocated whisper.  The interviewer, now concerned for my wellbeing...

Activism Success: Pro-Life Students Encourage Dialogue with #GreatDay2BeAlive Celebration
Activism Success: Pro-Life Students Encourage Dialogue with #GreatDay2BeAlive Celebration

Conservative students are routinely harassed and attacked for their views.  This environment can make starting a dialog on the issues difficult.

Students for Life at the Ohio State University celebrated #GreatDay2BeAlive by encouraging...

LI Trains Conservatives for Success in 2016
LI Trains Conservatives for Success in 2016

Last year was an exciting year for many reasons! 

In 2016, the Leadership Institute trained 10,274 conservatives, launched new online programs, and trained candidates and campaign staff across the country -- all thanks to the generous support of LI donors.

Through 2016, Institute graduates impacted campaigns across the country.  

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