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Final training of 2009 at the Leadership Institute headquarters wraps up an incredible year

Twenty-five students attended the Public Speaking Workshop on December 18, 2009 at the Leadership Institute.  During the day-long workshop, distinguished faculty member Dr. John Shosky instructed students on how to organize, build, and deliver an effective speech. This workshop wraps up the 2009 class schedule in the Leadership Institute's Arlington facility.

Youth Leadership School trains 1,000 for second year in LI history

On the weekend of December 12-13, the Leadership Institute held its final Youth Leadership School (YLS) of 2009 in Laramie, Wyoming. This marks the end of another record-breaking year for the YLS Department.  Over 1,000 students were trained, making 2009 just the second year in LI history that number of youth activists have been trained to campaign for the candidate or cause of their choice.

Representative Eric Cantor honors Morton Blackwell in Congress

On Tuesday, December 1, 2009, Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor honored Leadership Institute president Morton Blackwell in the United States House of Representatives. Mr. Cantor called Morton "a true champion of the conservative movement" who has "dedicated his adult life to serving on the front lines of all the major battles in our nation to ensure that faith, family, and freedom always prevail."

Koch Foundation funds scholarships at National University of La Jolla

National University of La Jolla, CA is proud to announce a limited number of scholarships for three online, undergraduate courses that focus on free-market economics and the philosophical foundations of capitalism.  These scholarships are funded by a grant from the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation

Leadership Institute trains over 110 future campaign staffers, managers, and candidates.

Through the week of December 7-11, 2009, the Leadership Institute trained over 110 future campaign staffers, managers, and candidates during a record-breaking Campaign Manager School.  The students represented all election levels - from local grassroots campaigns to state-wide congressional campaigns.  To register for the February 2010 Campaign Manager school click here.

Youth Leadership School trains over eighty students

Eighty-two students were trained on December 5-6, 2009 at the Leadership Institute’s flagship Youth Leadership School (YLS).  It was the largest December YLS in the Institute's 30-year history. 

Representative Michele Bachmann expresses appreciation for the Leadership Institute

In an interview conducted in her Capitol Hill office on December 9, 2009, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann talked candidly about the Leadership Institute and the good the organization has done in its effort to recruit and train conservatives. “It [the Institute] reaches down to young people…[who]…have everything against them."

Over fifty students trained at the Internet Blogging Workshop

On December 8, 2009, The Leadership Institute trained over 50 students at the Internet Blogging Workshop, which provides students with practical tips on setting up and maintaining a blog. 

Morton Blackwell quoted in The Evangelical Outpost

In a December 2, 2009 article written by Rachel Motte for The Evangelical Outpost, Morton Blackwell is quoted on the need for both ideas and action within the conservative movement.  In a speech he delivered more than twenty years ago, Morton told his audience of young conservatives, "The prideful conservative intellectual who avoids association with less elegant men of action may doom his cause…"

One hundred students registered for Campaign Manager School

It's not too late to register for the Leadership Institute's final Campaign Manager School of 2009.  Join the one hundred other registrants on December 7-11 and learn how to organize and run a winning campaign.

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