Our International Division trains conservative leaders, activists, candidates and potential candidates in the skills to win. Working with our outstanding faculty of more than 300 experts, we work with center-right partner organizations to bring training opportunities to countries around the world.

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Bringing powerful political, fundraising, and communication training to help conservatives win around the world

In my country, Germany, and worldwide, LI helps to strengthen democratic activism and leadership.
- Christian Kattner, Secretary General International Democrat Union

Planning a conference or event? Interested in bringing Leadership Institute training to your country?

Each year the International Division conducts dozens of training programs in partnership with center-right organizations around the world. Complete this form to begin the process and a member of our team will respond immediately.

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Bring Your Group to the Leadership Institute for Training

The Leadership Institute regularly hosts groups of leaders, lawmakers, candidates, potential candidates, think tank executives, and activists at our facilities just outside of Washington DC. Complete this form if you are interested in bringing your group to the Leadership Institute for a training program or a tour. For training, we can work with you to develop an agenda to meet your needs, or your group may attend an already planned program at our facility.

Attend a US Training

As a conservative activist, leader, or potential leader working in another country, you are welcome to attend a training conducted by the Leadership Institute in the United States. Just register, and pay the same tuition as other participants and you're ready to receive the Leadership Institute's world class training.

Please note that all participants must be able to speak and understand English, and the Leadership Institute does not provide letters of invitation or support for obtaining a U.S. entry visa.