Building Leadership

Building Leadership

The Leadership Institute's newsletter Building Leadership highlights conservative victories achieved through donor support.

Building Leadership - Winter Issue 2020

  • The Cause Goes On: LI donors train conservatives for victory today and beyond
  • Leadership Institute graduates win Congressional elections
  • Nikki Haley partners with LI to help train America’s young conservatives
  • What an Amazing Country America is: Steve Savas -- a donor profile

Building Leadership - Fall Issue 2020

  • Light the Rest of their Lives: LI donors set young conservatives on the path to leadership
  • In Defense of Freedom: Leadership Institute teaches students to stand up to leftist tyranny
  • All-American Freedom Fighter: Rising star Brianna Skye Rahn
  • The Antidote to Socialism on America’s College Campuses: LI engages students to fight for truth
  • For Our Grandchildren: Skip Rasmussen -- a donor profile

Building Leadership - Summer Issue 2020

  • For Such a Time as This: Leadership Institute graduates train to win in a changing world
  • New Challenges, New Trainings: LI’s online workshops prepare conservatives for crucial victories this year
  • Antifa Agitator becomes Liberty Lover: LI saves students from the lies of the radical left
  • Stopping Socialism in America: a donor profile of Dr. Stan Gordon

Building Leadership - Spring Issue 2020

  • Keep America Free: Leadership Institute prepares conservatives to lead America in the midst of crisis
  • Triumph over Tyranny: Young conservatives conquer leftist abuses on campus
  • Fighting for Freedom Abroad and at Home: U.S. Navy veteran and congressman Dan Crenshaw
  • The Keys to Victory: LI’s battleplan to reap victory for America
  • Preserving America’s Precious Freedoms: a donor profile of Robert and Beverly Meng

Building Leadership - New Year's Issue 2020

  • Remembering Helen Blackwell – a Conservative Lady
  • Planting Future Conservative Victories: LI’s Grassroots Trainings in Texas and Beyond
  • Emma Meshell: From Student Journalist to Fox News Star
  • The next generation is our hope: a donor profile of Betty Jane Strong

Building Leadership - Fall Issue 2019

  • Vice President Mike Pence: “We’ve got to win the next generation.”
  • New Leadership Institute field representatives trained and deployed across the U.S.
  • Campus Rescue Mission: the Leadership Institute’s operation to take back America’s colleges
  • Stand for what you believe in: a donor profile of Jacqueline Mock

Building Leadership - Spring Issue 2019

  • Leadership Institute campus organizer attacked at Berkeley
  • President Trump signs executive order to protect free speech on campus
  • LI’s Normandy Coalition fights the campus left across the country
  • The Leadership Institute produces real results: a donor profile of John Pearson
  • Plan your legacy to fight the left: a special letter from Morton Blackwell

Building Leadership - Winter Issue 2019

  • The Leadership Institute celebrates 200,000 graduates
  • Institute graduates win congressional elections
  • LI field representatives engage in campus rescue mission
  • Michelle Malkin fights identity politics
  • Leaving a legacy through the conservative movement’s “boot camp of politics”: the story of John and Phyllis Kalivoda

Building Leadership - Fall Issue 2018

  • Boots on the ground: LI field reps take the fight to campus liberals
  • LI trainings prepare candidates and campaigners for crucial elections
  • Luis and Ana Mola leave a legacy to their new homeland: a donor profile
  • LI’s Campus Reform exposes university’s partnership with Planned Parenthood

Building Leadership - Summer Issue 2018

  • Left held accountable when Normandy Coalition makes them pay
  • Leadership Institute speakers in demand at CPAC
  • Protect your stock gains from the IRS
  • Leaving a legacy – Conservative activist heroes pave the path for the next generation: a donor profile

Building Leadership - Fall Issue 2017

  • Going on Offense – LI launches plan to defeat leftist thugs
  • The Normandy Project – to liberate students from the left’s “evil empire”
  • A Land of Promise – LI trains Israeli conservatives
  • They give to turn America conservative: a donor profile

Building Leadership - Summer Issue 2017

  • Take Back Our Campuses, Take Back Our Country
  • Youth coordinator propels Air Force Brigadier General to Congressional Victory
  • The boot camp of politics - Youth Leadership School gives campaign and media training
  • Conservatism 101 balances the curriculum
  • Coming Full Circle - Donor invests in young conservatives as previous generations invested in him

Building Leadership - Winter Issue 2017

  • Political Climate Change - LI donors win America back at all levels
  • Leadership Institute Grads Win Big - a list of LI-trained graduates in elective office
  • Trump campaign taps LI alum to run successful Youth for Trump effort
  • Hampshire College burns and bans the American flag - LI's coverage forces college to restore flags on campus
  • Goodbye, Rutgers. Hello, Leadership Institute - a donor profile

Building Leadership - Fall Issue 2016

  • Into the Lions' Dens - LI sends conservative activists to campuses nationwide
  • Conservative Students Welcome Here - student groups create safe havens
  • Getting Attention - public skits expose extreme leftist bias
  • A Star is Born - Star Parker speaks at the Leadership Institute
  • They gave their alma mater the boot! - a profile of donor support

Building Leadership - Summer Issue 2016

  • Leading the Way to Freedom - LI trains the next generation of principled conservatives
  • Building a Movement - powerhouse training programs lead to campaign victories
  • Train to Win - election winners give thanks for their LI training
  • More Than Meets the (Buck)eye - U.S. Rep Jim Jordan wrestles the left to restore freedom
  • Holding Firm to Conservative Principles - a profile of donor support

Building Leadership - Spring Issue 2016

  • Train to Win - The Leadership Institute equips conservative activists, students, and journalists with the training to win
  • LI's On-Camera TV Workshop and Communication trainings launch the next generation of fearless conservative journalists
  • Campus leftist forced to resign after his rape threats get exposed by
  • Faith and Action: How the Leadership Institute trains grassroots Christian organizations to win

Building Leadership - Win America Back Issue 2016

  • Win America Back - the year conservatives rescue America from the left
  • Campaign powerhouse Alex Mooney wins election to U.S. Congress
  • Indoctrination shut down through LI's campus rescue mission
  • LI's achieves victories on campuses nationwide
  • Donor Profile: Thomas Pappas puts LI in his will

Building Leadership - Winter Issue 2016

  • Train the children in the way they should go � Youth Leadership School hits record numbers
  • U.S. Representatives praise donors for their training
  • Yvonne Dean-Bailey elected second-youngest legislator in America
  • Boots on the ground campus field staff recruit students across the country
  • LI's Campaign Academy pulls America back from the brink
  • Building on success donors give LI's studios a makeover

Building Leadership - Special Conservative Movement Issue 2015

  • Leadership Institute trains the entire conservative movement
  • Conservative leaders get their start through the Institute
  • Donor Profile: Patrick and Julie Calhoun sponsor Arkansas students
  • The Institute's campus programs: Train them up in the way they should go
  • My Institute internship: How you helped train me with skills to grow our movement
  • LI: The HR department of the conservative movement

Building Leadership - Spring 2015

  • You can bet the farm on the Leadership Institute: Donors' investment pays off
  • Donors make America's #1 campus news website
  • School is in Session: How the Institute turns conservative students into leaders
  • Give 'em that one-two punch: Pair of Institute grads win tough election for U.S. Congress
  • Sower of seeds, puller of weeds: Farmer fights leftists with Institute training
  • Campus Reform stops American flag ban at UC-Irvine

Building Leadership - Winter 2015

  • Victory - Leadership Institute donors train young conservatives to win
  • Leadership Institute grads win big election victories
  • Operation Student Rescue - LI creates 271 new student groups
  • Exposing campus liberalism nationwide through
  • LI partners with TeenPact to train Christian high school youth
  • Donor Profile: Michael Rydin puts the Institute in his will to fight campus liberalism

Building Leadership - October 2014

  • Behind Enemy Lines - Leadership Institute activists deploy to college campuses nationwide
  • Operation Student Rescue - how the Institute prepares activists for successful activism
  • From Institute Intern to Senate Staffer - Senator Cruz hires Institute-trained student
  • Hard-hitting conservatives meet with Institute donors in the Lone Star State
  • Donor Profile: Charles Battig removed his alma mater from his will and replaced it with the Leadership Institute

Building Leadership - July 2014

  • Politics is a long ballgame - the Institute trains activists for the big leagues
  • Leadership Institute-trained leader manages campaign that defeated Eric Cantor
  • Institute alumnus David Jolly wins election to U.S. Congress in Florida's 13th District
  • Institute-trained father-daughter team win state primary election in Ohio
  • Institute graduate exposes professor's leftist classroom bias on national TV
  • Donor Profile: Michael Meano - Preserve Our Conservative Principles

Building Leadership - April 2014

  • Senator Ted Cruz: "The Leadership Institute prepares activists to stand up and fight to make a difference in this country"
  • LI's exposes leftist abuses on college campuses in national news
  • LI's new Women's Leadership Training creates conservative female activists
  • Lady of Liberty Nena Bartlett develops liberty-minded women leaders
  • Plan your legacy to fight the left: a special message from Morton Blackwell
  • Donor Profile: Charles Crawley fights leftist professors with a continuing legacy

Building Leadership - Winter 2013

  • Leadership Institute rolls back the leftist monopoly on college campuses
  • Leftist professors suspended through LI's news coverage
  • LI's Conservatism 101 course balances the college curriculum
  • A Deep Heart in Texas: LI grad and State Rep. Matt Krause advances conservatism
  • Donor Profile: Lincoln and Jean Griswold support LI to train young conservatives

Building Leadership - October-November 2013

  • Voting Is Not Enough: Leadership Institute trains activists in grassroots and campaign schools
  • LI teaches college students to fight back against liberalism, win student government elections
  • Young Ohioan Jessica Koehler trains at LI to run youth campaign
  • LI graduate Nick Dyer helped propel Ted Cruz to U.S. Senate victory
  • Donor and Activist Profile: LI-trained Larry Provost flipped Virginia district from liberal to conservative

Building Leadership - August-September 2013

  • Leadership Institute's Feet to the Fire campaign to fight leftists
  • LI's Campus Leadership Program holds leftist professors and college administrators accountable
  • exposes liberal bias on campus, rolls back the leftist campus monopoly
  • Voting Is Not Enough: LI grads hold leftist and unprincipled politicians accountable
  • LI-trained activists fighting in 2013 Virginia elections
  • Building on Success: Improving LI's facilities to meet explosive training demand

Building Leadership - Special Summer Issue 2013

  • Liberal or Conservative? A visual walk through a college student's life
  • Leadership Institute keeps college students conservative year-by-year
  • Year 1: LI's field staff,, Conservatism 101
  • Years 2-3: Campus Activism, Campus Publications, Campus Elections
  • Year 4 and beyond: LI's internship, training, and Career Services
  • Donor and Activist Profile: Mark Mix

Building Leadership - April-May 2013

  • Senator Rand Paul's Secret Weapon: Leadership Institute-trained graduates
  • LI's coverage makes national news on the Drudge Report and elsewhere
  • Online Journalism Workshop: LI teaches a new way to fight the left
  • Gun rights leader Larry Pratt visits LI interns
  • LI's Intern Program: a win-win for interns and LI supporters
  • LI's Career Services matches principled conservatives with effective organizations

Building Leadership - February-March 2013

  • LI's achieves two million visitors in 2012
  • Senators Ted Cruz and Jeff Flake helped by LI grads to election victory
  • Leadership Institute 2012 year in review by the numbers
  • Youth Leadership School trains record number
  • Remembering Judge Robert Bork

Building Leadership - Winter 2012

  • LI grads propel Ted Cruz to US Senate seat victory
  • Voting Is Not Enough trainings succeed in North Carolina
  • LI confronts LSU over censored Christian crosses
  • Danish bank executive gives speaking tour on European socialism
  • Donald Rumsfeld visits the Leadership Institute
  • Donor Profile: William & Ardath Underwood

Building Leadership - Fall 2012

  • Leadership Institute stops outrageous indoctrination campaign at UMN
  • works to expose liberal bias on campus
  • Student Leadership Week trainings draw record numbers to LI
  • Donor Profile: Albert Sterling