LI's Headquarters

LI Headquarters

The Leadership Institute is headquartered in the Steven P.J. Wood Building in Arlington, Virginia, just minutes from Washington, D.C.

Included in this facility are a training center, professional multimedia studios, dormitories, and office space. The Emerson G. and Dolores G. Reinsch Center for Campus Reform occupies the second floor of the building adjacent to LI, and connects directly to the second floor elevator lobby of the original building.

The Institute's F.M. Kirby National Training Center houses six expandable classrooms, all with an integrated audio visual system and a fully equipped kitchen. The LI Studios in the Sacher Multimedia Center features the fully functional Norma E. Zimdahl Master TV studio and video production services.

The Leadership Institute dormitories, located on the premises, provide accommodations for up to 46 people. The separate men's and women's dormitories house guests in bunk beds; each dorm has a private chaperone room and a spacious bathroom. Best of all, accommodations in the dormitories are included in the cost of many of Leadership Institute trainings.

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