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The International Division trains conservative leaders, activists, candidates and potential candidates in the skills to win. Working with our outstanding faculty of over 300 experts, we work with center-right partner organizations to bring training opportunities to countries around the world.

Since 2015 our International Division has trained over 6,458 center-right leaders, activists, candidates and potential candidates at 100 programs around the world.

On this page you can sign up to attend a program, receive updates, learn how to bring Leadership Institute training to your country, and more.

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The Leadership Institute regularly hosts groups of leaders, lawmakers, candidates, potential candidates, think tank executives, and activists at our facilities just outside of Washington DC. Complete this form if you are interested in bringing your group to the Leadership Institute for a training program or a tour. For training, we can work with you to develop an agenda to meet your needs, or your group may attend an already planned program at our facility.

Attend a US Training

As a conservative activist, leader, or potential leader working in another country, you are welcome to attend a training conducted by the Leadership Institute in the United States. Just register, and pay the same tuition as other participants and you're ready to receive the Leadership Institute's world class training.

Please note that all participants must be able to speak and understand English, and the Leadership Institute does not provide letters of invitation or support for obtaining a U.S. entry visa.

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Planning a conference or event? Interested in bringing Leadership Institute training to your country?

Each year the International Division conducts dozens of training programs in partnership with center-right organizations around the world. Complete this form to begin the process and a member of our team will respond immediately.

LI International News

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Capital in the Capital
Capital in the Capital
Matthew Patterson
October 1, 2018

Do you want to work in the Capitol or Capital? Many people often confuse the two words; with one letter of difference, it's an easy mistake. Whether you want to work in the capitol building or capital city, you should know about the different types of capital, each of which has a unique impact on your life.Social CapitalYour network is your net worth. We have all heard this phrase or a variation of it, particularly if you are in the D.C. area, and it cannot be truer. Not only does knowing more people expand your available opportunities when searching for a job, it can also make you more valuable to the job you have now. If you can pick up the phone and completely bypass the chain of command, you will...
10 Common Mistakes at Job Fairs, Trainings, and Networking Events
10 Common Mistakes at Job Fairs, Trainings, and Networking Events
Carmen Diaz
July 6, 2018

Last month the Conservative Partnership Institute held an Executive Branch Job Fair on Capitol Hill. I had the opportunity to work this event. More than 1000 job-seekers registered! I met men and women who drove hours and flew into D.C. that morning. Events such as these are fantastic opportunities to build your network, and who knows, maybe even secure a job. Unfortunately, many people make needless mistakes that leave a bad impression. Below are the top 10 common mistakes you should avoid.
Conservative on a Budget
Conservative on a Budget
Carmen Diaz
June 25, 2018

When you seek out a new job or internship, it's important to find a position that will value your time, education, and experience. While it never hurts to practice your negotiation skills, many people new to the workforce fail to realize it's not how much you make, it's how much you keep.Budgeting is often a foreign concept to students and young professionals, who mistakenly think money management requires either an accountant or mathematician. Today, resources for all levels of financial education are available, and I suggest you discover a method that is realistic and suitable for you.
Negotiate the Salary You Deserve
Negotiate the Salary You Deserve
Ben Woodward
April 30, 2018

Salary negotiation is among the most awkward topics of conversation to have with your boss or potential employer. Salary is a taboo subject, something to be kept private. The only problem is, when we are so used to avoiding it, we get out of practice when the topic emerges. Most would rather accept the first offer for fear of seeing a job offer or promotion withdrawn. However, negotiating your salary is important, not only to ensure you get the best compensation for your skills but also to set the trajectory for future raises. Remember, each increase in your salary is based on the previous number, meaning any raise you negotiate will benefit your career forever. Here are eight tips for a successful salary negotiation.
The Next Generation: Episode 2018
The Next Generation: Episode 2018
Andrew Walter
March 14, 2018

Victory in politics is the direct result of the number and effectiveness of the activists behind it.This is one of the valuable lessons I took away from the Leadership Institute's flagship training, the Youth Leadership School, last November. It became clear to me that this is true, and the Leadership Institute is the best source to better understand political technology. This drove me to pursue an internship at the Leadership Institute.Like other interns at the Leadership Institute, I had read political books, assisted campaigns, and led a campus organization. But I knew the invaluable experience gained from the Leadership Institute would take my passion for advancing liberty to the next step and make me an effective leader in the movement.The professional skills, networking, and daily understanding of the most effective political technology means wherever my career takes me, LI has set me up with the confidence, skills, and knowledge to make liberty win.