Welcome to Voting Is Not Enough
What will it take for conservatives to win in 2012? It won't be how right we are. It will be how hard we work in the 90-day countdown to Election Day.

Today the Leadership Institute launches Voting Is Not Enough, a special project for campaign season 2012, that will arm activists like you with how-to, practical knowledge to use for your candidate or cause this fall.

As part of Voting Is Not Enough, you'll receive:

- weekly live webinars with expert LI faculty
- writings from Morton Blackwell, the Institute's president
- informational posts on campaign and activism topics
- "quick tip" videos you can use right away
Plus, the Leadership Institute and the Faith and Freedom Coalition will cosponsor Get-Out-The-Vote Workshops in 14 states, starting this week. The goal is to train more than 1,000 activists to host voter registration drives and get voters to the polls on Election Day. Will you be one of them?