Cindy Cerquitella -  Volunteer Faculty at the Leadership Institute

Cindy Cerquitella is executive director at America’s Future Foundation. Cindy has spent her career empowering champions of freedom across the globe by giving them the skills, support, guidance, and community they need to take the ideas of liberty and spread them throughout their countries. Her work at the Atlas Network, first in institute relations and later as the developer of the Atlas Leadership Academy, provided guidance and training to hundreds of free-market think tanks, as well as thousands of individuals dedicated to making a difference in their communities. With the Atlas Leadership Academy, she developed a suite of online courses and hosted live classes with world changers like Matthew Elliott, Tyler Cowen, Darcy Olson, and Dan Pallotta. She developed dynamic and innovative in-person courses hosted on six continents, and she spearheaded the now-famous John Blundell Elevator Pitch and Think Tank Shark Tank competitions. During her early years in Washington, DC, she also worked part-time planning galas, dinners, panel discussions, and networking events for America's Future Foundation. She studied political economy at Hillsdale College, has a certificate in facilitation from Georgetown University’s School of Continuing Studies, and spent her high school years in Budapest, Hungary, where her parents directed an international Christian school. She's more comfortable on an airplane than on the ground but is happy as long as a good cup of coffee is close by.

Cindy Cerquitella