Alice Stewart -  Volunteer Faculty at the Leadership Institute

Alice Stewart is a CNN Political Commentator, veteran Senior Communications Advisor on numerous presidential campaigns and an Emmy Award winning journalist. She regularly appears as a guest on State of the Union with Jake TapperAnderson Cooper 360Erin Burnett Out Front and The Don Lemon Show.

She is also a frequent guest on CNN International, discussing American politics and providing context for viewers across the globe. Bringing a conservative perspective combined with years of high-level experience in media and politics, Ms. Stewart is known for placing a high value on mutual respect and productive discourse in the political/press arena.

A veteran Republican strategist, Alice Stewart served as Communications Director for the presidential campaigns of Senator Ted Cruz, Governor Mike Huckabee and Representative Michele Bachmann, and as Deputy Communications Director for Senator Rick Santorum. She also served as a surrogate for Mitt Romney for President and the Republican National Committee. Ms. Stewart has worked on communications strategy for Concerned Women for America, Republican National Senatorial Committee, Republican National Congressional Committee and Rick Scott for Governor of Florida. She also served as Deputy Secretary of State for the State of Arkansas where she oversaw public affairs for Arkansas Secretary of State Mark Martin. Prior to entering politics, Stewart developed and forged her appreciation for the world of journalism working as an Anchor/Reporter in Little Rock, Arkansas and Savannah, Georgia, and an associate producer in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a native of Atlanta and earned a broadcast news and political science degree from the University of Georgia. In addition to running campaigns, Alice Stewart has run 16 marathons in four countries and is a five-time Boston Marathon finisher.

Championing the conservative point of view on issues ranging from the future of healthcare to immigration and energy policy, Alice Stewart is a thought-provoking commentator on the state of government, the Trump White House, Washington politics and the role of the media. Tackling even the most contentious issues with grace and intellect, she brings passion, patriotism and an outside-the-Beltway perspective to the keynote stage. Her speeches spark conversation, foster respect and leave audiences with an insightful, insider’s look at the politics behind today’s headlines.

Alice Stewart