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The Next CLC is from June 1 - 30, 2024, in Tysons, Virginia - APPLY HERE

The Leadership Institute (LI) is globally recognized as the premier conservative training organization, and its Campaign Leadership College (CLC) is the most comprehensive training program LI has ever offered. It is designed specifically for conservative political operatives who want to become capable of leading the most demanding campaigns for public office.

Over nine days, the CLC assembles leading campaign experts from across the nation to deliver rigorous training in all facets of campaign management. This program is ideal for conservatives aspiring to highly sought-after roles such as professional campaign manager, communications, political, or finance director.

Enrollment is limited to 50 participants to provide a personalized training experience. Early application is advised to secure a place. Full scholarships are available to assist attendees.

The curriculum covers:

  • Professional campaign management
  • Research
  • Development of a winning strategy
  • Communication through multiple messaging vehicles
  • Finance and budgeting
  • Grassroots organization and voter engagement
  • Voter turnout strategies for Election Day and advance voting
  • Writing a comprehensive campaign plan

CLC Applicant Profile

  • Age: No age requirement.
  • Nationality: Primarily American applicants, with a limited number of slots for international students who must be referred by LI's trusted global partners and approved by LI's International Training Division.
  • Educational Background: While a degree is not required, a background in management, political science, international relations, journalism, communications, or related fields is preferred.
  • Language Proficiency: Advanced English proficiency is required, as all courses are conducted in English.
  • Principles and Values: Applicants should resonate with conservative principles, including liberty, free markets, private ownership, and traditional values.
  • Experience: A minimum of three years in the political/governance field is preferred, and a strong record of integrity is required.
  • Aspirations: A desire to support conservative electoral successes, a keen interest in historical learning, and a dedication to campaign work.

Expectations Attendees are expected to fully commit to the program, reflecting the substantial investment made by LI donors. This includes perfect attendance and active participation in all scheduled sessions. Non-compliance may lead to attendees bearing part of the program cost or being dismissed from the course.

Registration Requirements Candidates must complete an online application and policy questionnaire and undergo a background check. Drafting your application responses using a word processor is recommended to ensure accuracy before submission. While not mandatory, letters of recommendation are highly influential and should be written by individuals well-acquainted with the candidate's capabilities.

Selection Process A Selection Committee, comprising LI staff and faculty, reviews all applications. Candidates will receive notification of the committee’s decision approximately 30 days prior to the program start date.

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