Student Activism Conference
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Student Activism Conference

From lecture halls to student government, liberals dominate college campuses in America.  Professors unabashedly demonstrate their bias in the classroom.  Administrations give preference to left-wing student groups.  

Far-left activists use threats, intimidation, and fear to silence conservative voices.

The Leadership Institute’s Student Activism Conference (SAC) equips conservative student leaders to create a sustainable conservative presence on their college campuses.  At the SAC, students will learn how to:

• Expand group membership
• Build coalitions on campus
• Raise funds
• Earn media attention for your effort

• Deliver a message on camera
• Host successful events and programs
• Develop a leadership succession plan
• Expose liberal bias and abuse

This event is for select Campus Leadership Program (CLP) leaders. Limited travel scholarships are available.

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Kristin Dobson

Contact Kristin with your questions.

This training is invite only. Limited travel scholarships are available. If you'd like to attend an upcoming Student Activism Conference, click here.