Global Warming Beach Party

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You hear it all the time. Radical environmentalists continue to preach the theory of man-made "global warming" as an absolute fact. Leftists insist that the debate is over and that the science is settled.

However, nothing could be farther from the truth. Over 30,000 scientists have signed a petition, publicly voicing their dissent over the consensus regarding climate change. The environmentalists and their liberal allies have chosen to ignore this. Instead, they appear more interested in utilizing the opportunity as a call to grow government and increase taxes on businesses and consumers.

To fight back, take the opportunity of Earth Day on April 22 to highlight the absurdity an Armageddon-like global warming scenario is. A great idea is to host a "beach party" on your college campus. This is a great way to poke fun at the issue, while inciting much needed political dialogue over the facts and myths of global warming.

How to Take Action:

  1. Collect the materials.  For this event, you will need items you would normally find at a beach.  Things like beach balls, sunscreen, cold drinks, and umbrellas will convey a beach-like theme to your peers.  Additionally, signs near the event, advertising it as a "beach party" will further explain the event to students passing by. Finally, download free fliers about Global Warming myths to pass out to students at the bottom of this page.
  2. Reserve space on campus.  Secure a high-traffic area on campus that grabs the attention of students passing by.  Keep in mind that this event is going to require more space than normal events would, so plan accordingly.  Go to your administration to request a space if necessary.
  3. Invite allied organizations.  Ask other conservative and libertarian groups on campus to help out by volunteering for the event and pitching in on costs. This is a great way to build coalitions and gain more members for your organization.
  4. Hold a planning meeting.  Go over talking points and make a schedule of volunteers (who will post fliers on campus, hand out information at the event, assist with clean-up, etc?).  Designate one or two students to answer any media inquiries. Remaining volunteers should be prepared to take part in beach-like activities, such as playing a game of beach volleyball or relaxing with a cold drink (non-alcoholic, of course - don't get any crazy ideas).
  5. Advertise.  Use the fliers attached below, or design your own, to promote your event and encourage students to stop by and take part in the fun.  Post them around campus and send out a university-wide email explaining the event in further detail.  Also make sure to use Facebook events, Twitter and other online tools to publicize your event.
  6. Prepare for opposition.  Have a video camera/flip camera available to record any aggression from leftists.  Ask angry left-wing activists why they are opposed to you exercising your right to free speech.
  7. Cool off with a Global Warming Beach Party!  Have a good time with beach-themed activities and games.  Pass out informational fliers to any students who pass by and engage in a conversation about climate change alarmism.  Educate students on the dangers of faulty science and the real costs that it has on our economy.
  8. Advertise again.  Submit a press release and high-quality picture to local media outlets detailing your event.