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School Board Campaign Training, Nashville

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What you will learn

Get the skills to wage and win your campaign for school board.

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Leadership Institute's new School Board Campaign Training provides you with the skills training you must have to wage and win a successful campaign for your local school board.

In every community, school boards have an important role. They make sure students receive the education they deserve to prepare them for higher education, trade school, or the workforce.

Sadly, many school boards are used as social engineering tools or are captured by labor union officials trying to control both sides of the collective bargaining table.

Conservative leaders must engage in school boards from coast to coast to ensure schools focus on their educational mission for our children's future success.

Political technology determines political success. Get the skills for a successful campaign – it's essential.

LI's School Board Campaign Training features presentations from seasoned conservatives who are campaign professionals experienced in local campaigns.

You'll learn how to design, wage, and raise funds for a successful school board campaign. In addition, you'll receive briefings and background information you'll need to be well informed and articulate your own experiences and issue positions to voters in your community.

Specifically, on Friday evening you will learn:

  • the purpose of the school board and time-test winning campaign issues;
  • effective strategies to prepare yourself and others for school board campaigns;
  • how to build a credible brand now so you can fundraise and campaign successfully.

On Saturday, you will learn:

  • how to develop a campaign strategy;
  • to use tools to craft and deliver your best messages;
  • voter contact strategies to turn out the vote.

I Can't Come Both Sessions
The Leadership Institute firmly believes that the number and effectiveness of activists on either side of a political contest will determine the winner. Attendance at both is highly encouraged, but we understand if this is not possible.

If you can only come Friday evening (School Board-specific information), use the coupon code, FriOnly, for a total price of only $15.

If you can only come on Saturday (Campaign Management information that applies to all elections), use the coupon code, SatOnly, for a total price of only $25.

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Starts Friday, November 19

Fri 19:   5:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Sat 20:   8:30 AM - 4:30 PM


Courtyard by Marriott
2001 Meridian Blvd 2001
Nashville/Franklin, TN 37067 Map




Dena Espenscheid's Photo

Dena Espenscheid

Contact Dena with your questions.

Your faculty

Dena Espenscheid

Dena Espenscheid

Director of Grassroots Coalitions, Leadership Institute

After completing the 2020 Marine Corps Marathon, Dena Espenscheid knows how true the cliché, “Campaigns are like Marathons,” actually is. There are plans, deadlines, and expenses. There are worn-out shoes, blisters, pain, exhaustion, joy, energy bursts, and mile-marker accomplishments. The big day comes and before it is over you swear off running ever again and want to quit. Then you cross the finish line. Success feels fantastic! The next day, after a good sleep, you are out on a trail, ready to do it all again!

Over her twenty years of professional experience, Dena held a variety of positions in public policy organizations, advertising agencies, and political campaigns including, Coalition for a Strong America, National Ballot Access, American Majority, Open and Clean Government, Vote Yes for Life, and the National Abstinence Clearinghouse. Much of her work has been focused on grassroots organizing, and training volunteers and fellow staffers.

Dena is a veteran of political campaigns as small as city council and as large as a presidential campaign. She has served in most campaign positions, including volunteer coordinator, regional field director, political director, and statewide spokesperson. She has overseen ballot qualification, volunteer recruitment and training, and get-out-the-vote efforts. She has formulated communication strategies, organized events, and done personal solicitation. As a "Jill of All Trades", Dena brings her varied experience to the position as the Director of Grassroots Coalitions, where she travels the country training conservatives to run their races and win.

Dena graduated from Thomas More College in Northern Kentucky with degrees in Biology and Speech Communication.

Dena's favorite presentations are on persuasion. She knows that people want to stay consistent with the image they project. If you tell someone they are generous before soliciting a donation, they are more likely to give. To keep herself moving, Dena is ending this bio by stating that she still runs in Quantico, Virginia where she lives with her houseplants.