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100 Years of the 19th Amendment - A History Lesson with KrisAnne Hall

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What you will learn

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.” Dr. Seuss

The Activism Workshop teaches you how to build and mobilize a grassroots organization, as well as engage government officials and stakeholders on issues.

This series of one-hour activism trainings is a follow-up to the History of the Constitution course taught by KrisAnne Hall. You did not have to take KrisAnne's class to participate in these activism classes. However, the materials will be presented from a pro-Constitution worldview.

The Activism Series will resume on August 25th. August 18th is the 100th Anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment in Tennessee. This was the last state needed to ratify the amendment giving women the right to vote! To celebrate this anniversary, KrisAnne Hall from Liberty First University, will present a history lesson on Women's Sufferage.

Aug 18 - 100 Years of the 19th Amendment - A History Lesson with KrisAnne Hall
Aug 25 - TBA

If you have already registered for the History of the Constitution or Constitutional Activism classes you will be automatically registered into this class. Use the same log-in information to attend.

This class is 10AM Eastern time. Please check your time zone to ensure you do not miss the event.


Starts Tuesday, August 18

Tue 18:   10:00 AM  - 11:00 AM EDT


This training is online.




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What graduates say

Dan Crenshaw

Dan Crenshaw

U.S. Representative (TX-02)

"The Leadership Institute made it possible for me to learn how to run a campaign, how to craft my message, how to speak effectively in public, and how to handle the media.

Above all, I learned how to win.

Today, I stand in a long line of conservative leaders who owe a debt of gratitude to Morton Blackwell and to the Leadership Institute.


Melanie Grammar

Melanie Grammar

“This is the best training I have ever gone to (political or professional) over all the years I have been involved. People need to understand what a big deal this is." -

Melanie Grammar, Fannin County Chairwoman, Rockwell County Campaign School

Ryan Rhodes

Ryan Rhodes

Founder, Iowa Tea Party

"I can't forget who gave me the tools. Keep up the great work at LI. We can't save our country without the Leadership Institute!"

Your faculty

KrisAnne Hall

KrisAnne Hall

KrisAnne Hall was born and raised in St. Louis, MO and began her career as a biochemist, Russian linguist for the US Army, and a prosecutor for the State of Florida. KrisAnne also practiced First Amendment Law for a prominent national non-profit Law firm. KrisAnne received her undergraduate degree in Bio-Chemistry from Blackburn College and her J.D. from the University of Florida, Levin College of Law.

KrisAnne is now the president of Liberty First University and travels the country teaching the foundational principles of Liberty and our Constitutional Republic. KrisAnne is the author of 6 books on the Constitution and Bill of Rights, she also has a nationally syndicated radio show and a cable television show. KrisAnne has been featured on C-SPAN TV and C-SPAN Book TV. KrisAnne will connect the dots for you like no one else can!

Host of The KrisAnne Hall Show, she pulls no punches, puts Liberty First and gives no quarter to those who hide behind party labels. Like no other host, KrisAnne will tell you what the founders had to say on today's relevant issues .

KrisAnne is a disabled Army veteran, a mother, a pastor's wife, and a patriot. KrisAnne lives in North Florida with her husband JC, an evangelist, missionary to Haiti, and former Russian instructor for the US Navy, and their adopted son Colton.