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Campus Election Workshop

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Student governments control funding for student groups, decide which speakers come to campus, and influence administration policies. And too often, student governments are downright hostile to conservatives.

The Campus Election Workshop teaches you how to run for – and win – student government elections.

The workshop equips you with time-tested and innovative campaign techniques to win your campus elections. Students learn how to recruit candidates, build an organization, develop campaign strategies, target voters, and more.

The Campus Election Workshop is held on college campuses across the country upon request. If you are interested in bringing this program to your campus, please fill out the request form.


Starts Tuesday, March 17

Tue 17:   5:00 PM - 8:00 PM


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Allen Clarke

Contact Allen with your questions.

What graduates say

Justin Pulliam

Justin Pulliam

Texas A & M University

"The training I received from the Leadership Institute taught me the techniques and the tactics I needed to run a successful campaign for student government. I'd recommend student government LI training to all conservative students who want to be leaders in their student governments."

Gregory Carlson

Gregory Carlson

CU-Boulder College Republicans President

"Campus Election Workshop is the best way to finalize your plans for your campaign. We owe a huge thanks to the Leadership Institute for training us conservatives to win on an overwhelming liberal campus."

Your faculty

Allen Clarke

Allen Clarke

Regional Field Coordinator

Allen Clarke is Leadership Institute's Regional Field Coordinator for Maryland, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Delaware, and New Jersey. In those states, he gives help and resources to the students and conservative groups who are actively involved on campus. While with Leadership Institute Allen has brought over 10,000 students into the LI network and help create over 100 conservative/libertarian groups.

Before becoming a Regional Field Coordinator, Allen was LI's Field Representative for South Carolina where he was able to recruit more than 1,000 new students and 10 new conservative groups into LI's network.

Before coming to the Leadership Institute, Allen received his B.A. in Criminal Justice from Liberty University, with a minor in Political Science. While at Liberty, he was involved in the Washington Fellowship Program. During his fellowship, he interned for Congressman Scott Rigell (VA02) where he also helped on Congressman Rigell's re-election campaign.