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Best Practices in Social Media on Capitol Hill

On Friday September 15, 2017

What you will learn

Whether it's a member of Congress, someone running for office, a non-profit organization or an entrepreneur, one of the top questions asked is: how do I grow my following on social media and engage my followers?

Everyone knows you “need” to be on social media but they're using these platforms to talk at their followers rather than really engage with them. In many cases, Facebook and Twitter have become just more platforms to copy and paste the headline of your press release despite the fact that the majority of social media users find that incredibly boring and don't engage with it.

In this class, you'll learn how to use social media to engage with constituents and journalists, the 8 principals of social media for building relationships and fostering transparency, and best practices for using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Starts Friday, September 15

Fri. 15 10:00 - 1:00 PM

Rayburn House Office Building 2103 Washington, DC Map



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Your faculty

J. Elizabeth Peace

J. Elizabeth Peace

Capital Media Training

Elizabeth Peace is a former television news anchor who now works as a public affairs officer for the Department of Defense. She is the host of "Girl, Let's Talk" and spokeswoman and keynote speaker for The Blueprint Campaign™. Elizabeth previously worked on Capitol Hill as a speechwriter and communications director in the United States House of Representatives following her decade-long career as a journalist.

She is the founder of St. George News, the largest news and media organization in southern Utah, volunteers as a judge for the Society of Professional Journalists annual Media in Excellence awards, and when possible, teaches broadcast journalism and public relations courses in the DC area.

She has worked as an investigative reporter covering crime and politics, a features writer, sports editor and managing editor. She previously worked for as a morning radio host for a Fox News affiliate in southern Utah, and then worked as a morning and then evening news anchor at TV stations in Idaho and Iowa.

A former Air Force Security Forces Officer, Elizabeth met her husband, Warren Peace, while working as a morning news anchor. Her husband is a U.S. Marine currently serving on active duty for more than a decade.