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Get-Out-The-Vote Workshop

On Saturday September 20, 2014

What you will learn

GOTV-Get-Out-The-Vote Workshop


The GOTV Workshop teaches you voter contact strategies. Learn ways to implement effective targeted outreach to your supporters. Understand what resources you will need and what is available for early and absentee voters.

In addition, you will learn how to develop a systematic plan to get the most out of mail, phones, door to door, and Election Day strategies that deliver successful results.

Ideal attendees for the GOTV Workshop are conservative elected officials, current or future candidates for political office, campaign staffs, Election coordinators, party officials, precinct operations officials, and campaign volunteers or supporters.

The GOTV Workshop will teach you proven methods used by organizations, public policy groups and campaigns.

Attendees will learn how to:

• Identify and Target Voters
• Coordinate Election Day Activities
• Use Absentee and Early Voting Tools
• Manage Volunteers
• Turnout Your Voters

Sample Lectures Include:

• Voter Id and Targeting
• Managing Volunteers
• Early and Absentee Voters
• Organizing Phone Banks
• Door to Door Voter Outreach
• Ballot Integrity
• Keys to Election Day

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Starts Saturday, September 20

Sat. 20 9:00 - 3:00 PM

Renaissance Ballroom 5910 SW 8th St Miami, FL 33144 Map



JC Hernandez's Photo

JC Hernandez

What graduates say

Jim DeMint

Jim DeMint

Former U.S. Senator (R-S.C.)

With the 2012 elections right around the corner – elections which I believe will be among the most important in our nation’s history – I truly believe the Leadership Institute’s efforts have never been more important.

Your faculty

JC Hernandez

JC Hernandez

Virginia Deputy State Director at Americans for Prosperity

Juan Carlos "JC" Hernandez is the Director of Coalitions for the Leadership Institute, he travels the US conducting training schools, workshops, and seminars to promote the institute's mission to produce a new generation of public policy leaders.

JC's involvement in fundraising and campaign management began as a political science student at Roosevelt University, Chicago. While volunteering on state and local races, JC won his own election as student government association president. After graduating in 2004, he served as the university's assistant director of annual giving for two years before returning to his home-state to deepen his political participation.

A Miami native JC has been involved in many local, state and national campaigns over the past decade. In addition to working on elections, he has served as the Republican Party of Miami-Dade County Executive Director and managed many issue advocacy initiatives. He has also spearheaded both political and non-profit fundraising campaigns.

Recruited by then-candidate Marco Rubio during his 2010 US Senate campaign, as the Miami-Dade ED, JC oversaw 10 city, county, state and congressional elections. He successfully met the counties' goals for fundraising, voter registration, and get-out-the-vote efforts.

In 2012, after initially being named Florida's statewide field director for Mitt Romney's presidential campaign, JC's position expanded to include Georgia, Illinois, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. As a regional director, he built grassroots organizations, obtained endorsements from elected officials and other prominent community members and helped manage fundraising and political events.

JC currently resides in the Washington DC area.