David Martosko -  Volunteer Faculty at the Leadership Institute

David Martosko is U.S. political editor at the Daily Mail, which boasts the world's most-read newspaper website. Based in Washington, David coordinates domestic political coverage with newsrooms in London, New York and Hollywood. 

Until March 2013, he was executive editor at The Daily Caller, a fast-growing and adventurous online news portal that regularly outdraws The Boston Globe and the Chicago Tribune.

David is known for his near-encyclopedic knowledge of activist movements on the political left. Before Tucker Carlson hired him to run The Daily Caller's newsroom, David spent a decade in public affairs, counseling businesses in the food and hospitality industries about special-interest groups and their online campaigns. His face was on all of PETA's dartboards.

David's opinion essays have appeared in more than half of the top 100 circulating U.S. newspapers. He has appeared on most of the major cable TV news programs and is a regular contributor on Canada's Sun News Network.

With zero formal journalism training, David is living proof that cultural literacy and good storytelling trump specialized education. He graduated from Dartmouth College and studied orchestral conducting at the Johns Hopkins University's Peabody Conservatory. (He is married to a professional opera singer.) David's early communications career included work in art direction, digital printing, web design, and talk-radio production.

David’s online work has won eight national awards in the past decade, including the 2011 Gold Pollie Award and the 2011 Silver and Bronze Bulldog PR Awards. He was also the editorial half of the Daily Caller team that won a prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award for writing in 2012.

David Martosko