David Scheurn -  Former Guest Speaker at the Leadership Institute

David Scheurn is the Grassroots Activist Schools Coordinator for the Leadership Institute (LI), one of the nation’s premier organizations responsible for training activists, students, and leaders. With LI, David travels the nation conducting training schools, workshops, and seminars. He strives to promote the Institute’s mission to produce a new generation of public policy leaders committed to time-tested policies and values.

He has over 11 years campaign, grassroots and legislative experience. He has previously worked for organizations such as the National Rifle Association, ParentalRights.org, and the California Republican Party. He ran campaigns in California, Colorado, Arizona and Washington.

He currently sits on the Executive Board of the Loudoun County, VA Young Republicans. You can follow him on Twitter @TheScheurn.

In 2005 he served in AmeriCorps NCCC, a national community service organization.

He was born and raised in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, but currently resides in northern Virginia.



David Scheurn