Pam Pryor -  Volunteer Faculty at the Leadership Institute

Pam Pryor is currently working on many of her first loves:  Strengths Finders, domestic and international religious freedom and faith.  She is on the executive team at Cornerstone Chapel in Leesburg, VA; with a strong background in leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills. Prior to joining Cornerstone’s staff, she was appointed acting Assistant Secretary for International Organizations at the State Department by President Trump and Secretary Mike Pompeo. Under her purview were all the multilateral organizations including 6 ambassadors, the United Nations (including the UN Security Council) and the World Health Organization. Before serving in that role, Pam was the Senior Bureau Official in the Undersecretariat of Civilian Security, Democracy and Human rights. She had oversight on anti-trafficking, international religious freedom and global women’s issues as well as 6 other bureaus from immigration to international narcotics. In 2016 she led Faith Outreach for President Donald Trump. She has specialized in coalition building and faith outreach throughout her career.

Previously, Pam was Chief of Staff to Congressman J.C. Watts of Oklahoma, serving over his personal office as well as the House Republican Conference in the leadership of the U.S. House.

Additionally, Pam has been a college professor, TV news anchor, and radio talk show host.  She received her B.A. and M.A. from Southern Nazarene University in Bethany, OK. 

As a Gallup-certified StrengthsFinder coach, Pam loves to talk about people’s strengths. She lives in Arlington, VA and loves to cook, entertain, and truly believes that laughter is the best medicine!

Pam Pryor