Dawn Crandall -  Volunteer Faculty at the Leadership Institute

Dawn’s memories go back to recording commercials of the various campaigns her father was either working on or working against.  50 cents a commercial was the going rate back in the late 70’s and early 80’s.  Her early days started with taping commercials, stuffing envelopes, making get out the vote phone calls, knocking doors and placing yard signs.   Dawn’s professional career began as in intern in the State Capitol, and after a few stops along the way, became the Political Affairs Director for the Home Builders Association of Michigan.

Her “professional” life in the legislative and political arena began as an intern for then Senator Connie Binsfeld.  From there she became a part time paid employee for then State Senator Norm Shinkle.  On her way to being the legislative aide for State Representative Bev Hammerstrom, Dawn was employed with the Senate Finance Office, the Senate Republican Caucus Services office and as a field staffer for the House Republican Campaign Committee.  After working for Bev Hammerstrom for three years, she went to work for the Home Builders Association of Michigan, where she has been their Political Affairs Director since 1996.  As candidates became to know Dawn as the face of the HBAM, she was given the task of lobbying for the association as well.  Along with her political duties, she covers legislative issues covering taxes and education.

As a Political Affairs Director, Dawn is responsible for candidate endorsements and raising money for Friends of Housing. She also advises her members who have been elected to office on legislative issues they are working on as well as their re-election campaigns.  

With a labor shortage being felt in the residential construction industry, in 2015 the HBA of Michigan formed Skilled to Build Michigan Foundation, a non-profit whose focus is reaching out to students and returning veterans on the career opportunities in the residential construction industry.  In addition to Dawn’s responsibilities as lobbyist and political affairs director of the HBA of Michigan she also the Executive Director for Skilled to Build Michigan Foundation.

In her spare time, she is the President of the Michigan Excellence in Public Service Series which trains Republican women in the areas of leadership, public policy, media training, and campaigns.  She also has trained for the VoteRunLead program, a national program that trains all women who have an interest in running for office, and just recently was voted onto their board.

Dawn Crandall