Pro-Life Activism Training

Restoring the Culture of Life

Since 1979, the Leadership Institute (LI) has trained more than 250,000 conservative activists and pro-life candidates to win. No other organization in the country has LI's history, experience, or record of accomplishment.

Leadership Institute has trained pro-life activists involved in every major pro-life policy fight and campaign since its founding. Now that the Dobbs decision has fundamentally changed the public policy landscape, LI is renewing its commitment to support pro-life activists.

The focus on this issue is shifting from US Senate races and Supreme Court appointments to state legislative races, governors' mansions, Attorneys General offices, local District Attorneys, and state court judges. Some of these seats were once obscure and relegated to the back page of the ballot. Now, they will be the hot spots on the front page of history.

The Leadership Institute's programs utilize expert in-house staff with real-world experience working in pro-life campaigns and veteran faculty who are actively engaged in the pro-life fight at local, state, and national levels. Trainings tailored for pro-life organizations include:

LI's legendary training programs teach pro-life candidates and volunteers how to run successful campaigns and pass pro-life legislation.