Mike  Adams

Mike S. Adams was born in Columbus, Mississippi on October 30, 1964. While a student at Clear Lake High School in Houston, TX, his team won the state 5A soccer championship. Adams graduated from C.L.H.S. in 1983 with a 1.8 GPA. He was ranked 734 among a class of 740, largely as a result of flunking English all four years of high school.

After obtaining an Associate's degree in psychology from San Jacinto College, Mike Adams moved on to Mississippi State University where he joined the Sigma Chi Fraternity. While living in the fraternity house, his GPA rose to 3.4, allowing him to finish his B.A., and then to pursue a Master's in Psychology. In 1990, Adams turned down a chance to pursue a PhD in psychology from the University of Georgia, opting instead to remain at Mississippi State to study Sociology/Criminology. This decision was made entirely on the basis of his reluctance to quit his night job as member of a musical duo. Playing music in bars and at fraternity parties and weddings financed his education. He also played for free beer.

Upon getting his doctorate in 1993, Mike Adams, then an atheist and a Democrat, was hired by UNC-Wilmington to teach in the criminal justice program. A few years later, Adams abandoned his atheism and also became a Republican. He also nearly abandoned teaching when he took a one-year leave of absence to study law at UNC-Chapel Hill in 1998.

After returning to teach at UNC-Wilmington, Mike Adams won the Faculty Member of the Year award (issued by the Office of the Dean of Students) for the second time in 2000.

After his involvement in a well publicized free speech controversy in the wake of the 911 terror attacks, Mike Adams became a vocal critic of the diversity movement in academia. He has since made appearances on shows like Hannity and Colmes, the O'Reilly Factor, and Glenn Beck. His column on TownHall.com has earned him countless hate mails - often from radical feminists who hate males.

Mike Adams published his first book, Welcome to the Ivory Tower of Babel, in 2004. His second book, Feminists Say the Darndest Things: A Politically Incorrect Professor Confronts "Womyn" On Campus, was published in 2008. Later that year, Adams joined the faculty of Summit Ministries in Colorado where he spends his summers lecturing against abortion and in favor of First Amendment rights on college campuses.

In addition to lecturing on the First Amendment, Mike Adams is actively involved in legal challenges to campus censorship. Represented by the ADF, he won a landmark First Amendment case before the 4th Circuit in Richmond, VA. Decided in 2011, Adams v UNCW held that professors publishing columns and giving speeches have the full protection of the First Amendment when discussing matters of public concern. Hence, when professors report such activities as part of their annual review, tenure, or promotion materials the university does not have license to discriminate on the basis of the professor's viewpoint.

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Katie  Kieffer

Katie Kieffer is an author, entrepreneur and commentator. She is the author of the new book published by Random House titled LET ME BE CLEAR: Barack Obama’s War on Millennials and One Woman’s Case for Hope.” She writes a weekly column for Townhall.com. She also runs KatieKieffer.com.

Kieffer graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of St. Thomas. She has a background in business and journalism. As a college student, Kieffer founded, edited and published a nationally recognized student newspaper. During her senior year, Kieffer was the only female student entrepreneur that the University of St. Thomas recognized with a practicing entrepreneur award.

Kieffer has over five years of experience in commercial real estate. She chaired a National Young Professionals Forum of rising stars in commercial real estate and received state and national honors for her leadership in business. She has been named one of the Twin Cities’ “25 Finest Young Professionals.”

Kieffer has been featured on CNBCMSNBCFOX Business, FOX News, The BLAZE TV, HLN, Extra!, Sun News, NRA TV, NEWSMAX TV, and HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher.” 

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Rebecca  Kiessling

Rebecca Kiessling is a Family Law attorney, adoptee, home school adoptive mother of 5 (three are biological children to her) and delivers a powerful presentation of her own life story, "Conceived in Rape." Additionally, Rebecca was recently featured in Gov Mike Huckabee's film, "The Gift of Live."  She's the national spokesperson for Personhood USA, Director of Save The 1, and co-founder of Hope After Rape Conception.

As a family law attorney, Rebecca Kiessling litigated numerous high-profile (pro bono) cases, fighting for women's rights as well as the rights of unborn children. She's appeared on Fox's Huckabee, ABC's Good Morning America, CNN's Piers Morgan (head to head with Gloria Allred,) CNN's Talk Back Live, CBS News, Canada's 100 Huntley Street, EWTN's Defending Life, and EWTN's Life on the Rock. Her story was featured on the program Extra, in Glamour Magazine and in Marie Claire Magazine. She is the "poster child" for Feminists for Life's poster "Did I Deserve the Death Penalty?," and the author of Heritage House '76's pamphlet, "Conceived in Rape: A Story of Hope."

Overcoming the pain of knowing that she was born as a result of a brutal rape, that she was nearly aborted at two back-alley abortionists, and that our nation is filled with people who believe that she was disposable, Rebecca Kiessling has devoted herself to fighting for the rights of the innocent unborn and to raising her 5 children to know their own value, identity and purpose in Christ.

As a speaker, Rebecca travels throughout North America and Europe, speaking roughly 75 times per year, for crisis pregnancy centers, right to life and adoption banquets, fundraisers, and rallies, evangelical and Catholic churches, retreats, school assemblies, youth events, colleges, law schools, medical schools, attorney seminars, and women's conferences.  During his presidential campaign, Rebecca changed the heart of Gov. Rick Perry on the rape exception, demonstrating that if you can change the heart of a governor, during a presidential campaign, you can change the heart of anyone!

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Topics: Abortion Feminism