Freedom Week

More Activism Ideas

Join the Young America’s Foundation in celebrating this annual weeklong event focusing on the victory over communism and honoring America’s heroes.  This event is ideal for any general conservative group.

The Young America’s Foundation’s Freedom Week is anchored around two significant dates: The Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall and Veterans Day.  Bring the failures of communism to light and question why leftists on your campus still advocate its ideas.  Educate your campus on these two important days.  Contact the Young America’s Foundation for free buttons, flyers, and activism ideas at

This event is most effective during Freedom Week.


1. Collect the materials needed for the event.  These will vary depending on what events you decide to hold while celebrating Freedom Week.  At the very least, you should acquire poster board and materials for making signs, informational flyers, and a table.

2. Reserve a space on campus for the event.  Contact the Student Activities Office and attempt to reserve the most high-traffic area available.

3. Invite allied organizations.  Ask other patriotic or conservative organizations on campus or in the outside community to contribute to the purchase of supplies or join you in your celebration.  This is a great way to strengthen cooperation between different groups in the conservative movement, and to increase attendance and volunteers in the form of members of the other groups.

4. Advertise!  Success depends on how well you publicize your event, so you should advertise early and often. This doesn’t necessarily mean paid advertising; “earned media” may work even better for you. Click here to learn several important publicity measures to use before, during, and after the event.

5. Prepare for opposition. Keep a video camera available at all times, and record any aggression -– both verbal and physical. If some behaves belligerently, ask why he or she objects to your exercise of your right to free speech.  For more information on how to deal with opposition on campus, reference "Fight Back."

6. Create a schedule. Have members of your group volunteer as much time as possible to man your information table and interact with passersby during Freedom Week.  Depending on the events you decide to hold, you may also need to determine other responsibilities.

7. Celebrate!  During the week of your celebration, man your table during the time you have allotted for the event.  Make sure your group maintains enthusiasm and interacts with passersby.  Execute other events as planned.

8. Advertise! (again) The fact that your event is over does not mean that your public relations work is done. Earned media can be extremely useful to you. Click here to learn several important follow-up publicity measures to do after the event is finished.