Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is

A. is a one-stop resource, networking, and instruction center for conservative activists to take back their campuses from leftist domination.

Created to give conservatives a powerful new weapon in their fight for the hearts and minds of the next generation of citizens, politicians, and members of government and media, facilitates the establishment of conservative student groups and supports their development as a powerful voice to fight against leftist abuse and bias on their campuses.

It makes available new opportunities for student groups to interact with alumni, parents, faculty, and other members of the broader community interested in taking a stand for conservatism.

Q. How is organized?

A. From the main page of our site, visitors can search and find a subsite dedicated to each of the 2,376 four-year colleges in America. There, you can check out conservative groups on campus, or form your own!

Each campus group has its own page, blog, event listing, membership roster of site users, and access to a variety of powerful weapons to identify, expose, and combat leftist abuses on campus. The main page also features a number of tools for effective conservative activism and a national blog to keep you updated on the activities at the front line of the conservative movement.

Here are features you can find on this site:

  • A subsite for each of America's 2,376 four year colleges and universities
  • Customizable pages for student activism groups promoting conservative principles
  • A place to share stories of liberal abuses and campus bias to
  • A number of manuals, speeches, and writings with detailed guidelines for campus leaders and activists
  • A national networking and resource center
  • More than 70 national conservative organizations offering helpful programs and services
  • More than 34 legal defense groups offering free legal assistance to students subjected to persecution or abusive indoctrination on campus
  • A state-by-state listing of (and links to) conservative and libertarian policy groups and a national alphabetical listing
  • A listing of national events to train and educate conservatives nationwide
  •  A long and growing list of activism ideas and guidance for students who want to fight leftist abuses and bias on their campuses and to promote conservative principles there
  • Contests online with cash prizes
  • Blog posts and articles from conservative leaders and successful student activists
  • Publicity resources for successful media relations for countering the left and promoting conservative principles.
  • Ability to integrate with other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter
  • Successful examples of how to identify, expose, and combat liberal abuses and bias in higher education
  • Scholarly and user reviews of biased college textbooks
  • A comprehensive professor rating system for users to report faculty bias
  • Individual user profiles to help conservatives network and communicate across the country
  • User written blogs on campus subsites and group pages
  • Connections within the conservative community
  • Easy search feature for access to like-minded students at nearby schools
  • Access to Leadership Institute training in effective activism techniques to succeed in government, politics and the news media
  • Free access to conservative job and internship opportunities

Q. How can help me?

A. is the best resource for you if you are interested in founding, maintaining, or assisting a conservative student group on your campus.

Your independent group will receive its own page within your college or university’s subsite on  There, student group members will be able to post event listings, blog about matters of interest to you, request assistance from the CampusReform community, and network with other groups and members of the conservative community on your campus and around the country. also makes it easy for your group to borrow and share activism and fundraising ideas, report leftist abuses on your campus, or rate professors and textbooks for left-wing bias.

Our cutting edge social networking capabilities connect student groups directly to donors and other conservative members of their communities who want to help students take back their campuses.

Q. What is the Leadership Institute, the organization behind

A. Established in 1979, the Leadership Institute seeks to increase the number and effectiveness of conservative activists across the country. To do that, LI identifies, recruits, trains, and places conservatives in government, politics, and the media, enrolling more than 74,000 students in its unique programs since its inception.  It's 2008 enrollment was more than 9,200.

Under the direction of its founder and president Morton Blackwell, the Leadership Institute has become the premier training ground for tomorrow’s conservative leaders. Conservative leaders, organizations, and activists rely on the Institute’s seminars and workshops for the preparation they require for victory in the world of public policy.

In addition to conducting programs nationwide, the Institute helps conservatives launch their careers. LI’s Employment Placement Service and Intern Program can open doors to an exciting array of opportunities to further the conservative movement.

Q. How does LI’s Campus Leadership Program work? 

A. LI’s Campus Leadership Program is designed to assist conservative students in their campus activism and prepare them for future leadership. Its National Field Program identifies and recruits conservative students on college campuses and helps them organize independent conservative clubs and newspapers.

These independent groups and publications fight back against the radical leftists who dominate the faculty, administration, and campus life at the majority of American colleges.

While the National Field Program works to help students develop conservative groups, each group is independent and directs its own day-to-day operations and decision-making. LI’s National Field Program is not a membership organization, but maintains a correspondence relationship with established conservative groups. The Leadership Institute will offer advice, support, and guidance to those student groups that request assistance.

Q. My college campus is extremely left-wing. Can I really start a successful conservative group or publication? 

A. Left-wing campuses are actually ideal for organizing conservative students: Conservatives are constantly surrounded by hostile leftists in all aspects of life at most colleges.  As a result, they are often easily interested in organizing to stop the biased behavior of professors, administrators, and student government. However, these students need someone with courage to lead them. If you are that person, is ready to help!

Q. I attend a conservative college or university. There is nothing to fight against on my campus. Why should I bother starting a group?

A. Think beyond your campus. It’s a big world out there.

Once you leave the ivy-covered walls that now protect you from the leftist hordes, you will need to be able to defend your conservative values and beliefs. Now is the time to prepare yourself and your fellow conservatives. Take this opportunity to learn all sides of the argument on issues which are important to you, to understand the strengths of your position and the weaknesses of the other, and to train yourself in the techniques and tactics necessary to succeed in the future.

After all, isn’t that the point of going to college? With the skills and experience gained by being active during your college years, you will be better prepared for a lifetime of conservative activism.

Q. There is already one conservative group active on campus. Isn’t it better to just have one or two strong groups rather than a lot of small groups?  

A. Look at the left: The average college campus has groups for every conceivable ethnic or sexual identity, every pet cause. These groups are distinct and highly motivated around their own issues, but they work together as a larger coalition pushing in the same direction.

Establishing a variety of conservative groups on your campus will engage a larger and more diverse group of students. A specifically prolife group, for example, might draw otherwise “nonpolitical” students into activism in a way which a general conservative group could not. 

The conservative movement on your campus will be strengthened by each and every new conservative student group – especially if they use the resources provided by to work together and increase their overall effectiveness!

Q. What if I don’t have the money to start my own conservative campus group? 

A. provides a growing database of ideas for raising money for your group, as well as instruction on how to win election to your student government to ensure your group is treated and funded fairly on campus. Those groups which are approved by Leadership Institute are also eligible to apply for grants and scholarships to help you with the costs associated with conducting events on your campus.

Q. Will starting a conservative group on my campus hurt my career?  

A. Starting a group is actually a great way to help your career! Many well-known conservative figures such as Dinesh D'Souza, Ann Coulter, and Laura Ingraham all began their careers by starting independent conservative student groups on their campuses.

Founding a successful group can only add to your credentials, demonstrating to employers and other public policy leaders that you have leadership experience, management potential, and a track record of getting things accomplished.

Q. I have a very busy schedule. Will leading a conservative group take all my free time? 

A. After starting your group, you can be as active as you want to be. and the Leadership Institute’s Campus Leadership Program will provide training and resources to help you be more effective.

They will also show you how to grow your membership and develop new leadership within the group. As your group expands, there will be more students available to accomplish more activities.

Q. Won’t starting a conservative group on campus offend some people? 

A. Just about everything you do will offend leftists.

In fact, despite their rhetoric of tolerance, your very existence as a conservative offends them. If you want to change a pattern of leftist bias and abuse on your campus, you will be unable to avoid offending leftists.

Keep in mind, however, that you are starting an independent group: You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, and some abusive people deserve to be offended.

Q. I already lead or am a member of a conservative student group, and we do not want to be directed by some national organization.  We want to remain independent to choose issues and activities that matter to us. Why would we join 

A. and the Leadership Institute do not establish chapters of their own or tell independent groups what to do. You can get from us resources, networking capabilities, training, and assistance to start or maintain conservative groups and publications on your campus.

Each group is totally independent from the national organization. and LI provide only training and support to group members.

Q. and the Leadership Institute will provide me with training and assistance for free? That sounds too good to be true. What's the catch? 

A. There is no catch. LI has generous supporters who donate to the Leadership Institute and to train young conservatives such as yourself to make a difference on your campus and beyond.