High-Dollar Fundraising School
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High-Dollar Fundraising School

The High-Dollar Fundraising School teaches you how to maximize your revenue potential and raise funds through personal solicitation, capital campaigns, and planned giving programs.

You will learn to:
• Operate a high-dollar, low-volume direct mail program
• Create a case for giving
• Upgrade current donors
• Organize successful fundraising events
• Write grant proposals

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Kirsten Holmberg

Contact Kirsten with your questions or to request training.

What graduates say

James Babka

I’m president of a newly founded organization. Our operation has been built on large quantity bulk mail and we’re struggling. I didn’t fully realize why until I learned there was a different way to fundraise. It’s called High Dollar! I’m going back to work to totally revamp our fundraising strategy.

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Jason Heki

Development Director, ParentalRights.org

“LI’s fundraising schools have been an invaluable asset to me and our development department at ParentalRights.org. Much of our growth last year was a result of the specialized training and resources offered by LI. I’m so grateful for LI’s commitment to help organizations like ours finetune our operations and become successful.”