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Digital Download: Microsoft Excel Basics

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What you will learn

Leadership Institute's Digital Download weekly training series teaches digital technology being used to shape America's electoral system.

Every Tuesday, this training series completes a "deep dive" into new digital technology and effective strategies about how to support your online activism and political efforts.

Become a digitally savvy activist and gain in depth knowledge of a variety of key topics in the digital field. With a mix of speaker presentations and panels, you will learn from center-right digital professionals how to best optimize your digital footprint.

February 28: Microsoft Excel Basics

Every organization wants to be "data-driven"... but few are able to accomplish that goal consistently. For politics, well-managed data is an especially valuable asset for campaigns, brands, and organizations.

Microsoft Excel is one of the world's most powerful and established programs used to process large quantities of data -- provided you know how to use it correctly.

Get an introduction to data organization and databases in Microsoft Excel, designed for people in non-technical fields. No previous knowledge or experience is required.

This information-packed training will teach you how to navigate Microsoft Excel confidently. Specifically, you will learn:

  • how to recognize and use different types of data fields;
  • how to identify “clean” data, and how to “clean" an existing data set;
  • different ways to create useful charts and graphs; and,
  • how formulas and modeling can drive data-driven decision making.

The training ends at 1pm Eastern / Washington D.C. time.


Tuesday, February 28

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


This training is online.




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Your faculty

Stephen Rowe

Stephen Rowe

Director of Digital Training, Leadership Institute

Stephen Rowe is the Director of Digital Training at Leadership Institute where he's trained more than 20,000 activists, students, and leaders on digital and political technology across the world.

Stephen has been listed on multiple 30 under 30 awards. His work has been featured on Fox News, Fox Business, The Daily Caller, The Washington Times, Breitbart, The Daily Wire, and more.

Stephen grew up in Montana, the "Treasure State".