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Networking and Professionalism Workshop

40 days until event begins

What you will learn

You may have noticed someone in your office who is personable, professional, and has a great network. That didn't happen by chance or luck. Building a strong network and cultivating professionalism takes work, and the knowhow that comes with years of experience. If you want to learn from the best and develop these career-defining skills, then attend the Networking and Professionalism Workshop.

At this workshop, you will hear from professionals around the conservative movement who have the experience necessary to teach you how to grow your network and be the best professional you can be.

You will learn
  • How to build a network that works for you and lasts
  • Where to look when building a network
  • How to be both personable and professional with colleagues
  • How to brand yourself for your career


Starts Thursday, October 28

Thu 28:   5:00 PM  - 9:00 PM EDT


Leadership Institute
Steven P.J. Wood Building
1101 N Highland St
Arlingon VA, 22201


$15.00 $5.00 discount for early registration until 10/17/21 Your Cost: $10.00


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