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Yana Myaskovskaya

Donor Relations Officer

Yana Myaskovskaya

Yana Myaskovskaya serves as the Donor Relations Officer for the Great Lakes Region.  She is currently a 2014-2015 Koch Associate at the Charles Koch Institute.

Originally from Moscow, Russia, Yana discovered a penchant for individual liberty and limited government after reading Atlas Shrugged as a college freshman.  A 2005 Illinois State Champion debater, she founded her undergraduate alma mater's Collegiate Congressional Debate Association in 2007.  Her debate pet topics include farming subsidies and the gold standard.

Yana received her dual Bachelor of Arts in Art Theory and Practice and Animate Arts from Northwestern University and holds a Master of Arts from George Mason University in the History of Decorative Arts.  While working as a curator at a small historic house museum in Washington, D.C., Yana became frustrated with the poor management of many non-profit institutions and decided to switch career paths in order to advance conservative ideals.

When not engaged in promoting American liberty, Yana enjoys hiking, standup paddleboarding, tennis, yoga, chai tea lattes, and late-nineteenth-century Russian enamelware. She and her husband, David, have lived in the D.C. metropolitan area for five years.

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