Constitution Day

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How to Take Action:

1.      Collect the materials. Obviously, the most important materials you will need for this event are pocket Constitutions to hand out to fellow students.  You can purchase them in bulk from the National Center for Constitutional Studies at   If your school still has an unconstitutional "free speech zone", the Leadership Institute will send you free caution tape to surround the space.  Simply register with LI at  The Leadership Institute will also send you a letter from FIRE detailing your rights, in addition to providing you with copies of FIRE's Guide to Free Speech On Campus that you can distribute to your peers.  If possible, you should have a bullhorn to read the Constitution out loud.  

2.      Reserve space on campus.  If your school has a "free speech zone" reserve that space for your Constitution Day event.  If not, any high-traffic area on campus works. Keep a confirmation of the reservation.

3.      Invite allied organizations.  Ask other conservative, libertarian, and free speech groups on campus to join you in your celebration of Constitution Day.  This is a great way to find common ground between other groups on campus.

4.      Hold a planning meeting. Make a schedule of volunteers to hand out pocket Constitutions with accompanying factsheets.  Also, designate students to read the entire Constitution out loud (preferably with a bullhorn or sound system) nearby. Go over talking points and determine who will handle advertising responsibilities.  Finally, have one or two students prepared to handle all questions from the press.

5.      Advertise.  Invite your campus and local media to your table through a press release a few days prior to the event. Post fliers around campus advertising your free-speech demonstration.  Campus-wide e-emails, Facebook, and Twitter are also great ways of gaining attention for your event.

6.      Celebrate the creation of our Constitution! .  Stand outside of the free speech zone in order to make a point for open and free speech on campus.  Engage passersby and educate them on the importance of understanding and following the Constitution.  Hand them a free pocket Constitution and factsheet that points out the rights of college students.   Have other students read the Constitution aloud (again, outside of the zone) to further advocate for free speech.  Ask students to sign your petition to eliminate free speech zones/codes on college campuses.     

7.      Advertise again.  Following your demonstration, send a press release with high-quality pictures to local and campus media outlets. Be sure to send your story to