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Activist Workshop, Advanced (Archive)

Activist Workshop, Advanced (Archive)

Campaign Management Workshop, Advanced

2 Days $50.00 (meals included)

The advanced version of our Campaign Management Workshop is designed to further develop campaign staffers.  Attendees are tasked with developing campaign, finance, and communications plans. In addition to this, students are challenged with designing GOTV and voter outreach strategies. Students will work in small groups and be challenged through a variety of exercises that are designed to reinforce their grasp of managing a local campaign. 

Ideal attendees for the Advanced Campaign Management Workshop are senior campaign staff and candidates. 

Are you interested in taking your campaign skills to the next level?  This is the class for you.

The Advanced Campaign Management Workshop will help prepare you to build a winning fundraising team, reach more voters and win!

Attendees will learn how to:

• Raise funds
• Develop precinct organizations
• Identify and build coalitions
• Deliver the Campaign's Message 
• Deliver voters to the polls

Sample Lectures Include:

• Workshop - Developing a Campaign Plan
• Workshop - Developing a Finance Plan
• Workshop - Developing a Communication Plan
• Workshop-Developing a GOTV Plan
• Group Presentation- Campaign Strategy

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