National Field Program

The Leadership Institute's National Field Program is a unique network of independent conservative campus groups and publications with a presence on colleges in all 50 states.

Currently LI's campus network is comprised of more than 1,549 campus groups advocating for their principles on issues like limited government, the free market, traditional values, and national defense.

This one-of-a-kind network is supported by LI's full-time, experienced team of young grassroots activists -- who are ready at a moment's notice to help conservative student promote and defend their beliefs on campus.

Joining LI's campus network is the first step for students who want to launch their careers in conservative politics.

Campus Groups by State (2012)

Campus Network by Type of Group (2012)

Meet the National Field Program Staff

Bryan Bernys Bryan Bernys

Vice President for the Campus Leadership Program

Nicholas Glad Nicholas Glad

Regional Field Coordinator

Michael Armstrong Michael Armstrong

National Field Director

Christopher Bradford Christopher Bradford

Regional Field Coordinator

Mountain West

Craig Dixon Craig Dixon

Regional Field Coordinator

Great Plains

Kristin Dobson Kristin Dobson

Regional Field Coordinator


AnnaMaria Gallozzi AnnaMaria Gallozzi

Regional Field Coordinator

Pacific Coast

Gabriella Hoffman Gabriella Hoffman

Regional Field Coordinator


Tony Listi Tony Listi

Regional Field Coordinator


Carmela Martinez Carmela Martinez

Regional Field Coordinator